Thomas Smith - Tutor
Political Theory
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: City University of New York
Major: Political Theory

Thomas Smith - Tutor

Thomas Smith
3050 Brighton 13th St., Brooklyn, NY 11235 | H------------ C------------| ------------
Full time instructorship in the Social Sciences or History, at a chartered or private secondary school, college or university with collegial collaboration in research and teaching methods, a diverse, multicultural student body, with at least a significant minority of whom are interested in issues of social progress, justice, and environmental sustainability, as well as the opportunity to help all students grow in knowledge for the careers and lives of their choice. Also, tutoring positions.
Skills & Abilities
• Teach essay writing, logical thinking and fallacies, debating. research method
• Engaging students in discussion and debate
• Using essay and in-class writing assignments to help them relate their personal experience and concerns to the subject matter
• Use of blackboard and other online programs such as teachtools
• Provide interesting reading materials and tests, which encourage growth in knowledge at specific to the students’ present level of knowledge and learning.
• Use small group discussion and Blackboard discussion board with study questions to enhance learning

Teaching and Tutoring High School Students
Adjunct Instructor, College Now Programs
College Now Program for Borough of Manhattan Community College at Park East and Seward Park High Schools 2012-2013
College Now program teaching Sociology at Brooklyn College 2004-2005

Substitute Teacher
Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, PA 2010
SAT Tutor
Huntington Learning Center, Lancaster, PA 2009
Princeton Review tutoring Verbal SAT, New York, NY 1988 – 1990
Mental Health Counseling Internship at Philhaven Psychiatric Children and Adolescent Day Hospital, Lancaster, PA 2009-2010

Adjunct Assistant Professor—College Student Teaching
Urban Studies Dept., Queens College Fall 2018
Writing in Urban Research
Humanities Dept, Mercy College
Introduction to Political Science

Social Science Dept., Laguardia Community College Summer 2018 to present
Writing Intensive course in Urban Sociology and Intro to Sociology

Sociology Dept., Fordham University at Rose Hill Campus, Bronx, NY Spring 2018
Sociological Theory, and Religion and Politics freshman seminar.

Sociology Dept., Hunter College Spring 2018
Sociology of Migration

Social and Behavioral Sciences, Mercy College Fall 2017-present
Sociology of Immigration.

Social Sciences Department, Borough of Manhattan Community College 2011 – present
Courses developed and taught:
• Political Science: with emphases on American history, political theory, political sociology, and political economy
• Introduction to Sociology: developing discussion questions through which students can exercise their sociological imagination in their own social experience
• Western Civilization: integrated concepts of economic production and technological development, and their interrelation in each epoch, as it affects culture, society, and politics, so that students can more deeply understand the facts presented in the textbook.
• American History: emphasizing struggles of workers, people of color, women for justice in U.S. history, vs. the rise of repressions associated with militarism, authoritarianism and imperialism in the twentieth century.

Sociology Department, John Jay College 2017
Teaching Introduction to American Government, with a theme on historian Gordon Wood’s (Empire of Liberty) assertion that the Framers intended to create a “monarchical republic.”
Sociology Department, Brooklyn College 2014-2016
Courses developed and taught:
• Classic Social Theory, using primary sources from a Reader as well as internet sources, an intellectual biography of the principal classic social theorists, and alternative perspectives from such thinkers as Georg Lukacs, Erich Fromm, and Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.
• Core Course in Political Sociology, with an emphasis on critically evaluating primary historical texts dealing with U.S.-based analyses and popular historical U.S. movements against class exploitation, racism, sexism, and homophobia.
• Social Change, with an emphasis on how social movements are formed.

History Department, William Patterson University – Wayne, New Jersey 2016
Taught Modern World Civilization: with an emphasis on the interrelation of economic production and technological development as it affects culture, society, and politics.
Sociology Department, John Jay College 2014
Courses taught
Sociology and Psychology of the Family (course is a requirement for students with both sociology and psychology majors: Integrated material from contemporary sociology textbook with psychoanalytic subject matter from
• A classic in the social psychology of the family, Willard Waller’s The Family.
• experiential family systems therapy theory (Whittaker and Napier),
• basic psychoanalytic concepts from Freud
• the theorists of developmental, object relations and attachment theory (Winnicott, Fairbairn, Mahler),
• Frankfurt School, Mark Poster and Christopher Lasch’s critiques of history of the early modern and contemporary, corporate-capitalist adjusted “authoritarian, narcissistic” family

Hostos Community College 2009-2010
Social Science, Criminal Justice, and Public Administration Dept.
Assistant Professor, Substitute Line, Spring 2009, and then Adjunct Assistant Professor
Courses taught:
Introductory Political Science, Introductory Sociology, Criminal Justice, Public Administration.

Brooklyn College, Sociology Department 2002-2009
Courses taught:
o Sociology of Children, Sociology of the Family: taught with contemporary textbooks and with those with a more traditional and critical social psychology focus, such as by Waller and Bossard.
o Urban Sociology/Studies: with a big emphasis on the immigrant experience and how this intersects with working class life.
o Sociology of Occupations
o Political Sociology (for Sociology Majors), and Core Course in Political Sociology
o Criminology
o Social Problems
o Introductory Sociology.

Comptroller, Fifth Avenue Committee, Brooklyn NY – 1993 - 2003
In charge of accounting/bookkeeping for a million dollar non-Profit Agency active in fighting tenant displacement, rehabbing buildings for tenant cooperatives, economic development. Submitted reports to the Senior Accountant and the E.D. on a monthly basis, A/P, A/R, fund accounting.

Adjunct Professor: various CUNY College Adelphi University, Rutgers University Political Science and Urban Studies Departments 1988 -1994
Taught courses in Urban Politics and Political Parties, Neighborhood Studies, Introduction to American Government

University Fellow –Brooklyn College, Political Science Department 1985-1988
Introductory Courses in American Government, and Advanced (specialized) courses in the Presidency, Congress, Parties, and Interest Groups.

University Fellow-Instructor, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Teaching English Composition and Rhetoric 1982-83.

Brooklyn College Master’s Program in Secondary Education, two basic courses:
Secondary Education and Adolescent Development
Curriculum in Secondary Education 1999-2000

CUNY Graduate School New York, NY 2000
Ph.D. in Political Science. Major: Political Theory. Minor: American Politics

Walden University Baltimore, MD 2016
M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 1979-1983
B.A. in English Literature; one year of Graduate work in English Writing.

Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training 2013-- present
Training to become a Licensed Psychoanalyst; seeing clients, mostly young adults, and helping them with their emotional problems.


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Peter Taubman, Professor, Secondary Education, 2414a James Hall, Brooklyn College-CUNY.
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Dr. Gail Mansouri, BMCC-CUNY Social Sciences Dept.,------------, x 1224

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