Thomas S Martin
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA
School: Hocking College
Field of Study: EMT

Thomas S Martin

Thomas Scott Martin
San Diego California, 22434.

Objective: To obtain a part time or full time position within the cycling industry.

* Woodward East | Woodward Pennsylvania.
Instructor, Zone coach and event staff.
Full time, July 04 2020 – October 12th 2020.
Responsibilities: Oversee campers during instruction period, provide a safe fun and positive camp experience, assist campers in setting daily and weekly goals, monitor campers physical whereabouts, coordinate with other programs, suggest improvements to the Woodward experience, display an outgoing and positive demeanor, act as an ambassador for safety as well as a role model for the campers, facility maintenance, assist riders during open rides, enforce Woodward safety regulations and requirements.
Supervisor, Chris Hayon :------------

* The Bicycle Shop | Jacksonville North Carolina.
Mechanic and Bike builder.
Full time, May 01 2020 – July 02 2020.
Responsibilities: Facility maintenance, Complete work order paperwork and assist in prioritizing work orders, assess service needs, Inspect, repair and service customer bicycles, assemble new bicycles as needed by sales.

Company owner, Jack Kane :------------

* Planet Kids | Soda Springs California.
Planet Kids attendant.
Full time, February 10 2020 – March 20 2020.
Responsibilities: Demonstrate, and continually develop, an understanding of contemporary skiing and/or riding concepts, Clearly and accurately instruct skiing or snowboarding to students in a fun and safe manner using various training techniques adapted to the students’ needs; utilize available resources to maintain the quality of teaching standards, Uphold the highest levels of guest safety in varying winter weather conditions, When working with children, supervise children at all times ensuring safe experiences for our guests, Model and demonstrate knowledge about our resort and department product lines, company policies and procedures, dress code and work schedules, Be proactive to provide superior guest service at all times, Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Supervisor, Sean May :------------ (x44192)

* Woodward East | Woodward Pennsylvania.
Bike shop lead and Lost boy.
Full time, May 28 2019 – February 02 2020.
Responsibilities: Measure and monitor sales, Ensure fluent knowledge skills and motivation to reach goals, Ensure quality customer service, Maintain an efficient and effective inventory, Utilize inventory tracking systems as well as ensure systems are performing optimally, Provide a clean safe and welcoming environment, accurately inspect service needs and evaluate customer needs, schedule writing and deligation, task delegation, facility maintenance, facility winterization, ramp maintenance and repair, ramp demolition, dirt jump maintenance and winterization, Go-cart maintenance, Golf cart maintenance, vehicle parking assignment, BMX instruction.

Supervisor, Chris Hayton :------------

* Guerrilla Bicycle Company | Jacksonville North Carolina.
General Manager
Full time, August 31 2018 – May 23 2019.
Responsibilities: Set, maximize and achieve sales goals, Measure and monitor sales progress and results daily, Ensure fluent knowledge skills and motivation to reach goals, Ensure quality customer service by maintaining up to date brand service standards, Engage customers to seek out feedback to measure and adjust improved success, Work with ownership on the creation of a store business plan, Act as an efficient brand ambassador within the community, Maintain an efficient and effective inventory, Utilize inventory tracking systems as well as ensure systems are performing optimally, Collaborate with ownership to execute store events that produce high impact sales results as well as increase community involvement, Provide a clean safe and welcoming environment, Maintain an efficient level of facility maintenance, continuously search for ways to improve aspects of business, accurately inspect service needs and evaluate customer needs, provide a proper estimate and fluent explanation of service quotes.

Company Owner, Jack Kane :------------

* Evolve action sports | Denver Colorado.
Part time / Full time, May 06 2017 – July 31st 2018.
Responsibilities: Facility maintenance, interface with the customer, evaluate customer needs, check in riders, check in campers, instruct basic through intermediate lessons, tend to rider falls, evaluate medical needs, social media, advertisement, open/close register and secure building facilities.

Manager, Shay Rubino :------------

* vail resorts Bicycle village | Aurora Colorado.
Full Time, November 28th 2016 – May 24th 2018.
Responsibilities: Facility maintenance, customer greeting, interface with the customer, assess service needs, Inspect, repair and service customer bicycles, Assist in generating bike and accessory sales, Complete work order paperwork and prioritize work orders, Serve as a knowledgeable resource to customers, Demonstrate a professional standard of customer service and remain current on industry products, Protect company assets through loss prevention techniques, Communicate with store management to achieve a seamless customer experience and maximize profitability, Establish professional yet personalized rapport with customer upon contact; by phone or in person, Answer all customer questions, provide detailed information, and establish trust with the customer to close of sale, Describe and promote product in line with customers, express needs as well as promoting purchase of related products, Stock shelves, counters, and tables with merchandise, Promote extended warranty/maintenance agreements, parts and accessories with purchase.

Store Manager, Christine Ford :------------

* Vail resorts Keystone Mountain Safety | Keystone Colorado.
Mountain safety associate.
Full Time, October 30th 2017 – March 9th 2018.
Responsibilities: Supervising and maintaining the highest levels of guest safety while skiing/boarding and standing watch at mountain stations, on varied terrain in high altitude, with varying winter weather conditions, Enforcing the Skier Responsibility Code and resort policies with guests and employees in a professional friendly manner, including revocation of lift tickets or passes and instructing guests and employees on appropriate behavior, Answering guest questions regarding terrain, directions, and other resort/town information in a professional friendly manner, Placing and monitoring signage and baffles in various on-mountain areas, Identifying safety hazards, placing ropes and packing or shoveling snow, Lifting equipment which may include baffles, signage, padding, and/or toboggans, Assisting uninjured guests to their feet, Maintaining trails, identifying and mitigating hazards to our guests, Transporting and setting up mountain safety equipment, Emergency medical first response and assisting ski patrol.

Manager, Celeste loitz :------------

Education :
* Westerville Central High school | Westerville, Ohio.
(High School) - 08/2006 – 06/2010
* Delaware area career center | Delaware, Ohio.
Fire fighter 1&2, (Vocational/Trade School) - 82008 - 62010
* Hocking College | Nelsonville, Ohio.
EMT-B, (Certification) - 02/25/2011

Skills :
* Customer service
* Facility maintenance
* Service evaluation and writing
* Inventory intake
* Account flexibility
* Culinary expertise
* Safe Knife handling and cleaning
* Employee training
* Incident reaction
* Emergency Fire Services
* Pediatric and Geriatric emergency reaction
* Administering Emergency Oxygen
* Emergency Vehicle Operation
* First aid administration
* CPR/AED administration

Activities& Affiliations :
* Hilltop rescue and relief | Chalmette, Louisiana.
Temporary worker, 2nd week of July 2007 - 4th week of July 2007. Again for a week in 2008. Responsibilities: Communicated with victims of flood, cleaned housing developments after Katrina, evaluated structural damage, evaluated chances of restoring houses, Kept records of houses cleaned and marked for demolition.
* 82008 – 62010 Skills USA Career Technical Student Leadership Organization. Delaware Area Career Center Chapter Member.

References :
*Chase Pauza
Camp Woodward
Bmx coordinator

*Liam Bond
Bicycle Village Aurora
Lead technician

*Ron Quay
Evolve action sports

Cycling, BMX, mechanic