Software Engineer-Fulltime
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Location: Durham, NC, USA
School: Duke University
Major: Electrical and computer engineering

Software Engineer-Fulltime

Wenhui Guo
Durham, NC |------------ | ------------

Duke University, Durham, NC
Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, GPA: 3.6/4.0 Beijing University of Chemical Technology(BUCT), Beijing, China Bachelor of Engineering in Automation, GPA: 3.6/4.33
Expected: May. 2020 Jun. 2018

Programming languages: C, C++, Python, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS
Technology Skills: Linux, PostgreSQL, Git, Valgrind, GDB, Docker, Agile, Scala, REST, TCP/IP.

ECE Department, Duke University, Durham, NC Aug.2019-Dec.2019 Lead Homework Teaching Assistant for course: Fundamentals of Computer System and Engineering(ECE550)
• Created homework questions and developed solutions.
• Tutored students with their homework and course materials.

WeMiracle Tech, Shenzhen, China Jun.2019-Aug.2019 Software Engineer Intern
• Developed a campus food delivery WeChat program based on MVC design pattern and ThinkPHP
• Designed database structure and wrote backend code.

Elementos Non-government Organization, Durham, NC Jan.2019-May.2019 Android App Developer Intern
• Developed a child health recording Android App for Elementos, coded and tested frontend via Android
• Implemented development through agile development method, led scrum meetings.

International Volunteer HQ, Nepal
English Volunteer Teacher
• Performed as a teaching assistant; assisted with daily teaching affairs. • Conducted tutorship after class to provide full English study support.

Professional and course projects
Mini UPS System based on Python, Django Aug. 2016-Apr, 2019
• Communicated with Amazon group over buying and delivery processes through Google Protocol Buffer and sockets.
• Implemented sequence number and message acknowledge mechanism to ensure exactly-once semantics.
• Automated system deployment with Docker, wrote backend code for mini-ups and SQL for database.
HTTP proxy development based on C++ Feb. 2019
• Implemented a HTTP proxy that can process GET, POST, CONNECT request.
• Created thread per request to handle different requests from different clients at the same time.
• Cached response according to RFC and log all records in a log ------------.
Mini Command Shell based on C++ Dec.2018
• Developed a mini command shell under UNIX-based system utilizing object-oriented programming.
• Implemented built-in command and redirection in shell.

C++, Python, Django, PHP, Docker