Shaney Mejia
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Location: San Jose, CA, USA
School: San Jose City College
Field of Study: Early Childhood Education

Shaney Mejia

Shaney​ ​Mejia
Birthdate: ​11/17/1998

Leadership ​Public ​Schools, ​Hayward ​(Class ​of ​2016) Hayward, ​CA
San Jose City College
Major in progress: Early Childhood Education/Childhood development

Macy’s San Jose
-Cashier and store associate
(November 2017-January 2018)

Justice San Jose
-Cashier store associate
(February 2018-July 2020)

Ross Stores
-cashier store associate
(July 2020-September 2020)

Migrant ​Program
(10/15) ​- ​(06/16)
● Migrant ​Program ​is ​an ​organization ​that ​helps ​Latino ​families ​who ​have ​worked ​in
produce ​fields. ​They ​offer ​a ​variety ​of ​programs ​and ​provide ​education ​for ​their
children. ​I ​helped ​teach ​children ​of ​different ​grades ​how ​to ​read ​and ​helped ​them
with ​their ​homework.-Hayward, ​CA

Tyrrell Elementary School S.I.A.C Hayward,CA
Helped elementary school children with their homework after school

Lorin ​Eden ​Kindergarten ​helper/reader Hayward, CA
(12/13) ​- ​(02/14)
Read ​books ​to ​Kindergarten ​students ​and ​helped ​them ​read.

Martin ​Luther ​King ​YEP ​tutor Hayward,CA
tutored middle school students with what they needed help on. Helped them
with their homework and created activities during YEP, an afterschool program.

Congresso ​Familiar Hayward, CA
Event fair helps latino families with disabled members. Helped set up, and run
the fair.

Santa Maria Ministry
Help elementary school children with their homework, afterschool

Additional Skills
Have ​experience ​with ​taking ​care ​of ​children. ​I have two younger siblings whom I help with school and take care of. 11 year old and 8 year old.

child education, childcare