Sarah Martino's Resume
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Location: Chicago, IL, USA
School: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Major: Film and Video

Sarah Martino's Resume


Proficient in Adobe Programs such
as Premiere Pro, After Effects and
Photoshop as well as administrative
programs MailChimp, Campaign Monitor,
Microsoft Word, and Google
Digital video shooting with DSLR cameras,
Black Magic and RED cameras
In-depth knowledge of lenses, lighting
and microphones
Sound recording, field recording and
foley production
Basic woodworking, comfortable with
power tools
Silicone and latex mold making

Onion City Experimental Film Festival, No
Nation Gallery, Comfort Station and the
Sullivan Galleries

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2018
Emphasis in Sculpture and Film, Video and
New Media
Merit Scholarship Recipient

Exhibitions Assistant at the Chicago Artist Coalition
Chicago, IL Spring 2019 - Fall 2019
-Completes administrative duties such as updating the CAC
website and creating e-newsletters for upcoming events
-Edits curatorial essays and press releases
-Processing the Sabina Ott collection for the upcoming library
Archival Assistant for the GRRRL House Collection
In collaboration with the DePaul Special Collections
Library, Women's and Gender Studies Department &
Oli Rodriguez, Chicago, IL Spring 2017 - Summer 2018
-Conducted research on Chicago queer histories to create
supplemental writing published with the collection
-Scanned photographs, institutional documents, and other archival
materials to be accessed digitally
-Lead a round table discussion surrounding the collection and
prepared additional information for DePaul students
Video Editing Intern at Video! Video! Zine
Chicago, IL Fall 2016- Summer 2017
-Edited and created content for our social media as well as for our
own series, Video! Video! TV
-Collected data on our screenings, videos and artists and entered
them into spreadsheets
-Helped organize and prepare for our monthly screenings as well as
our yearly Video! Video! Festival
Teaching Assistant at the Early College Program
Summer Institute, Advanced Projects Class
Chicago, IL Summer 2017
-Assisted and supervised students in the wood shop, mold making
rooms and other studio facilities
-Led workshops on experimental film and video history and video
skills such as green screen and beginner video editing
-Took students to outside exhibitions, collections and libraries
related to their project interests
-Worked on a team to install the final gallery exhibition

Pre-Production (grant co-writer and editor & editor of rough cut)
for Papi's Pregnant, 2019-present
Editor for Lyndale , 2019
Assistant Wardrobe and Hair and Make-up on Snowpeople, 2019
Hair and Make-up Assistant on My Life Matters, music video, 2019

film, video, art