Robert Ghirardelli
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Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
School: Sacramento city college
Field of Study: Natural sciences

Robert Ghirardelli

Robert Ghirardelli
Sacramento, CA (916) 747 - 6755 (Mobile) ------------
College of Marin ------------ 2018-2019
Sacramento City College 2019- Present
Currently enrolled, pursuing credits for transfer to UC or CSU
Earth Systems Science
MET Sacramento high school, received diploma spring 2017 2013-2017

Relentless work and learning ethic: Pursues additional certifications and training that will enhance ability to succeed on the job; frequently volunteer to take on responsibilities that go beyond the stated requirements. Able to adapt and perform in new environments quickly.
Committed and goal-driven.

Proven leader: Quickly and regularly placed into leadership and/or educator roles in multiple positions.

Seasoned project manager: Designed and implemented numerous projects from complete scratch to fit requirements or to solve abstract problems. Able to utilize resources and time efficiently, and to comprehensively organize and manage projects through to completion.

Flexible, utilitarian, and responsible worker
Eager to learn, and can implement and master new skills quickly
Well-versed in group or independent work
Excellent at performing and leading under high pressure/stakes
Work well autonomously and within tight guidelines
Observant and creative, with attention to detail and context
Capable, personable, accountable, respectful, and ambitious

2019 Christine Sullivan, NPS Ecologist ------------ ------------
Habitat restoration The Golden Gate National Parks Marin Headlands, CA
Student position with an ecologist focusing on native habitat restoration, managing native and invasive plant populations
Utilized large scale population mapping to document and detail the relationships between 100+ native and non-native species
Data and conclusions drawn from mapping informed progress towards strategically removing invasive plants and reestablishing native plants and ecosystems, as well as preserving environmental features and biodiversity
Extensively studied bay area flora and fauna
Trained to follow complex environmental guidelines and doctrine, as well as navigate bureaucracy between multiple organizations managing natural space in the bay area
Developed interdisciplinary skills through proximity and context in:
Hydrology, Botany, physical geography, watershed management, environmental engineering in a recreational setting, public outreach
Significant use of volunteer work, requiring organization and leadership
Position fulfilled educational requirements and was used for academic credit

2019 Tracy Neal, NPS Volunteer coordinator ------------ ------------
Volunteer leadership for maintenance The Golden Gate National Parks Marin headlands, CA
Student position to assist, manage and lead volunteer projects for park maintenance and improvement
Responsible for understanding a myriad of utility and infrastructure in a high traffic natural/recreational space
Led and trained large groups of volunteers, ranging from students, children, and developmentally disabled groups to the general public and corporate mandated volunteer groups.
Provided with responsibility of utilizing a government regulated vehicle on a day to day basis
Utilized access to a number of training and meeting events:
Red cross CPR/AED & First Aid training
NPS habitat sensitivity training
Federal employment and job readiness training
NPS bay area yearly overview meeting
Planning meeting on multi-million dollar marin headlands dam/culvert removal
Developed, planned, and executed large scale volunteer and outreach events
Position fulfilled educational requirements and was used for academic credit

2018-2019 Mark Pickett, fleet manager ------------
Sailing/marine technician Modern Sailing School and Club Sausalito, CA
Entered employment as low-level dock worker
Quickly trained in technical service of working sailboats, including;
Engine system service, electrical work, fiberglass and structural, utilities/amenities systems, metalwork and fabrication, rigging and sails, and general repair and engineering
Learned to efficiently handle extremely time sensitive and high pressure work
Improved managerial, logistical and organizational systems with measurable success
Maintained an outstanding and personable attitude towards clients, customers, and other staff
Designed, approved, built, and implemented an overhaul/redesign of the plumbing/waste system for marina
Obtained ASA chartering certification

2015-2016 Chris Brocchini ------------
Intern/Employee to private contractor Brocchini Enterprises Sacramento, CA
Interned under and was subsequently hired by Brocchini enterprises
Grew In-depth engineering and construction implementation skills
Developed ability in framing, plumbing, electrical, masonry, detailing, and metalwork
Handled significant work in major remodels on numerous commercial buildings,
Built solid teamwork, as well as independent work skills
Learned proficient welding skills, use of extensive range of tools
2017-2018 Inquire for Ben, store manager ------------
Bike sales City Bike Works (Now Trek Bicycles) Sacramento, CA
Worked as a sales associate at an iconic and highly reputed bike store
Entered with previous mechanic experience, but was started on the sales floor
Interacted with customers very regularly both in-shop and on the phone, developing excellent people skills
Learned to follow precise guidelines in order to ensure shop functionality
Participated significantly in the complete conversion of shop during and after re-acquisition
Completed a number of small but impactful shop improvement projects both before and after shop re-acquisition

2017-present David Ghirardelli 1 ------------
Family vineyard Ghirardelli Vineyards Valley springs/Calaveras county, CA
A 4th generation member of a family owned and run vineyard in calaveras county
Grows and exports wine grape to small winery, focusing heavily on quality
Primarily work for family (pro bono) but was included on payroll for multiple significant projects
Fluent in most all aspects of successful viticulture(wine grapes)/agriculture, including:
Land and resource management, agricultural equipment use and maintenance, botany and modern agriculture
science, infrastructure construction and upkeep, logistics and finance, and environmental and ecological engineering
Passionate about responsibility and legacy, and intend to keep family business and property secure.

Early-Mid 2017 Taylor lewis (nursery manager) ------------
General maintenance and nursery management UCD arboretum Davis, CA
Learned to adhere to a convoluted care schedule for thousands of plants in early development
Maintained, repaired and improved numerous critical systems (water, logistics/infrastructure, shade structures, etc)
Built multiple large tables to hold 40+ flats of plants, and that were subject to heavy usage loads
Took part and helped facilitate student research projects going on at the nursery
Regularly handled transferring/potting, pruning, germination, grafting and cloning procedures

Late 2017 Richard Perez, City of sacramento 826-1310
Manager of public works/eagle scout project McKinley park, Sacramento parks and rec. Sacramento, CA
Needed to manage and complete a public service project in pursuit of Eagle Scout rank (BSA)
Contacted and worked with Sacramento parks and recreation department to develop a meaningful project
Planned out installing owl houses in McKinley park as ecologically safe pest control.
Designed, approved, constructed, and installed 3 freestanding owl houses in major Sacramento park
Requested to replicate project at other parks outside of eagle project goal, and installed at 2 other parks
Was inquired by city officials on the possibility of continuing this project and developing others in years down the road

Summer of 2016 and 2017 Ed Cargile, Troop one senior ------------
BSA Camp waterfront staff, Troop 1 Camp cody, Eldorado national forest Near Strawberry, CA
Was signed on as staff at a BSA summer camp over 3 years, as leadership/staff and as waterfront staff.
Acquired lifeguard certification in training and staffing conditions much more demanding than pool lifeguards
Staffed and managed heavily active and unpredictable lake waterfront for duration of camp
Recognized for creating campwide waterfront activities and taking up education duties for waterfront classes
Managed additional duties of general camp facilities maintenance and waterfront construction/deconstruction
Took on leadership roles amongst fellow camp staff both on and off the waterfront
Spent several years as a camper, work staff, and finally 2 years of leadership staff experience over an 8 year period

Deeply passionate in exploring a life and career in STEM fields, as well as government and public service
Avid traveller and outdoor enthusiast
Achieved Eagle Scout rank through BSA
Dedicated and versatile performing musician
19 years of age