Resume: Saumya
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada
School: University of Ottawa
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Resume: Saumya

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Career Objective:-

My objective is to enhance my skills while utilizing my full potential and achieve self-satisfaction.

Area of Interest :-

• Communiation Networks
• Digital communication
• Cipher System

Technical Activities:-

Third Year Summer Internship MTNL, New Delhi Summer 2016

MTNL Telecommunication. We have worked for eight weeks in the area of switching fundamentals in general and MTNL switching technology in particular for Eight Weeks . The internship also covered the introduction of telephony and MDF(Main Distribution Frame), signaling and call processing,CCS7 Concept transmission system (Engr Praveen Bhardwaj and Engr Rakesh Sharma)

Second year Summer Internship Trining at VTIPS, New Delhi

MATLAB. During the Second Year Summer Training we worked on MATLAB fundamentals, Airthmetic Expressions, Matrix ,Vector, Arrays and Plotting, Script and Functions, use of Simulink models, Tool boxes for six weeks.

Winter Intership with High Technology Solutions New Delhi

Embedded System. During the winter training for six weeks on Embedded system included C programming,C++ programming and real time operating System and 8051 .

Certification Course in C++ and core JAVA from NIIT for Eight Weeks.

• Final Semester project on Wireless Wearable Device for Sports Application-
• The project was completed under supervision of Dr Kanthi M, Associate Professor of MIT Manipal
• The aim of the project was to track and control different motions and parameters of the body and detect position,motion,velocity and acceleration during specified activities. To achieve this, the sensors (IMU+flex) are connected through wires to Arduino microcontroller which acquires data generated by the sensors. In the receiver side, the data are serially sent to a second microcontroller, NI myRio 1900, which process, display and store the required information extrapolated by the sensor using LabVIEW software.
• Password Based Security System Using 8051 Microcontoller –

• Conducted the project under guidance of Dr.Kanthi M, Associate Professor, Manipal Institute of Technology.

• The Microcontroller used in this project is AT89C52 from the 8051 family. It has been programmed with the Keil Software using C.

• The system has a keypad by which the password can be extended through it. When the entered password equals the password stored in memory then the motor will rotate and the status ‘password is correct’ will be displayed on the LCD. If the password is wrong then the motor will not rotate and only the status ‘Password is wrong’ will be displayed

• The project has been based on using Keil Compiler using C. Circuit simulation is done using Proteus Software.

• Implementation of Three way Passive Crossover Network –

• Conducted under guidance of Mr. Nakul Shetty K, Assistant Professor, Manipal Institute of Technology.
• Three way Passive Crossover Network Project was based on Proteus Software.

• Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard(AES)–
• Conducted under guidance of Dr. C Sivananda Reddy, Assistant Professor, Manipal Institute of Technology

• The Software used in this project was XILINX 14.7 in VHDL
• It encrypts data in blocks of 128 bits using cryptographic keys of 128 bit.

• 4 Bit ALU Design and Traffic Signal Implementation–
• Conducted under guidance of Dr Vinod Kumar Joshi, Assistant Professor, Manipal Institute of Technology .
• The software used in this project was LOGISIM.
• It performs arithmetic and bit wise logical operations AND, OR, XOR, NOR, ADD,SUB

• Unsigned Binary Multiplication–
• Conducted under guidance of Ms.Shruthi K, Assistant Professor, Manipal Institute of Technology.

• The software used in this project was Digital Works.
• achieve multiplication of two four bit unsigned numbers, a combinational circuit consisting of half adders have been used.

Technical Skills :-

Proficient -C, C++, JAVA , Matlab, Embedded System , VHDL.

Elective Papers :-
• Data Structures
• Cipher Systems
• Digital Speech Processing
• Data Communication and Net working
• Management Information System

Extra-Curricular Activities:-

• Co-ordinated various events at College Festival 2015.

• Participated in the workshop on “Basics of Arduino” conducted by “Robotics and Circuits : Technical Students” at MIT Manipal 12-15 May 2015.

Social Responsibility Activities:-

• Being from Army background I have participated in many soldiers welfare activities like Computer education for wives of Army Soldiers .
• Participated in the summer tuition classes.
• Participated in Swach Bharat Abhiyaan at New Delhi.


• Declared unique child in the school for getting 100% marks in all examinations of Mathematics.
• Securing 9.8 CGPA at class 10th
• Securing admission and getting ECE Branch in MIT Manipal an Institute of World repute.


• Dr,M Sathish Kumar, Professor and Head ,Dept of ECE
• Dr T K Padma Shri, Professor , Dept of ECE.
• Mr Pramod Kumar Assistant Professor Senior Scale, Dept of ECE

Educational Qualifications:-

Level Board/University College/School Year of Percentage/CGPA
B-Tech Manipal University MIT, Manipal 2017 CGPA: 7.91
(Electronics and
10+2 CBSE Springdale School 2013 89%
th CBSE Army Public School 2011 CGPA 9.8

Personal Details:-

Date of Birth 25 October 1995
Address for Correspondence Apartment No 1 B, 325 Lurier Avenues East
Ottawa K1N6P8, Ontario ,Canada

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C, C++, JAVA , Matlab, Embedded System , VHDL.