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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
University: University of East-West Medicine
Major: TCM / Acupuncture


Dear Hiring Manager:

My name is Hsun Lee, a dedicated California licensed acupuncturist, CA 16654. Just having seen your advertisement of an acupuncturist position on xxx-xxx-xxxx, I am very interested and seeking a possibility of joining your acupuncture team.

Following are my answers to your questions:
What's your dream vacation?
Having lived in the bay area for many years, I haven't found anywhere better than the Great San Francisco Bay Area. Anywhere in the north bay can be my designated place dream vacation.

How would you handle someone walking into the clinic (we have a scent-free policy) wreaking of cigarette smoke? Or very strong scented personal care products?
It is understandable wearing strong scented personal care products can be disturbing to many others. There are two(2) choices:
If the scent is too strong to keep the clinic, having the person come back at a different time without scent. Likewise, for cigarette smokers with a cigarette smoke breath, it may be necessary to have them stay outside of clinic for awhile before re-enter.
If the scent can be acceptable to the others in the clinic, tell the (potential) patient(s) not to wear any scent nor smoke before come in for treatment. And, also ask and offer information about having acupuncture treatment for quit smoking.

What would you need to put attention into most, in order to step into this role confidently?
Confident and knowledge are equally important in healthcare practice especially to acupuncture / TCM because treatment plan has to be pulled out instantly from our database.
Although confident is necessary, quick-thinking based on the knowledge are the must in front of patients.

What are you proud of?
I love TCM and proud of being an acupuncturist.

Please find my resume and the proof of my malpractice insurance.

Although I am unable to list them all on my resume, I have worked in various medical offices independently and as well as with others through my career. During my clinic time, I have treated a wide variety of illness and disorders with a high rate of patients' satisfaction. I have a proven ability of maintaining a high quality of care, establishing rapport with patients, and communicating effectively with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

From my attached resume, you may familiarize with my career up to date. I will look forward to meeting with you to discuss my contribution and participation in your healthcare services.

Sincerely yours,

Hsun Lee

quick think, organized, communication skills, friendly, Self-motivated, reliable, commit