Noah Taase, Resume
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Location: Boulder, CO, USA
University: Naropa University
Major: Creative Writing and Literature

Noah Taase, Resume

Noah Taase  2333 Walnut St B  Boulder, CO 80302  xxx-xxx-xxxx  xxx-xxx-xxxx 

I am an active writer, full-time employee, and volunteer educator. For the past four years I  have been studying and working with the pedagogical and psychological aspects of foundational  literacy skills. My thorough understanding of writing, reading, and communicating has informed  my involvement in schools and in the workplace. I am well rehearsed in customer service,  working with a team, and settling disputes. My experience has cultivated an efficient mind set  and an acute attention to detail that I bring to every responsibility.  

EDUCATION  Naropa University, Boulder, CO ​- Bachelor of Arts  August 2015 - May 2019  ● Average GPA: 3.7  ● Served as the Marketing Editor for the university's annually published literary  journal, ​Bombay Gin.  ● Attended three weeks of accredited workshops at the Naropa Summer Writing  Program  ● Achieved minors in Contemplative Psychology and Film Studies  The Vanguard School, Colorado Springs, CO ​- High School Diploma  August 2011 - May 2015  ● Average GPA: 3.5  ● Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of student-run newspaper, ​The Underground  Articles.  ● Three year varsity letterman for basketball 

EMPLOYMENT  Incrediflix, Denver, CO​ - Instructor  May 2019 - July 2019  ● Responsibilities: Teach students the primary procedures and skills of working in a  film studio  ● Skills: Production management, Video editing, Classroom operations  ● Supervisor: Will Stinson,xxx-xxx-xxxx 
  South Mouth Inc, Boulder, CO​ - Manager  January 2019 - May 2019  ● Responsibilities: Customer service, Financial liability, Organizing stock  ● Skills: Communicating, Delegating tasks, Settling disputes, Facilitating teamwork  ● Supervisor: Taylor McBride,xxx-xxx-xxxx  Bartaco Inc, Boulder, CO​ - Line cook  August 2018 - December 2018  ● Responsibilities: Cooking, Cleaning   ● Skills: Punctuality, Expediting tasks, Thorough attention to detail  ● Supervisor: Leo Tevillo,xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx  Private Tutor, Colorado Springs, CO​ - College level reading and writing  May 2018 - August 2018  ● Responsibilities: Improvement of client’s reading and writing skills  ● Skills: Explaining concepts, Modeling skills, Implementing curriculum based  practices  ● Supervisor: Self-employed 

VOLUNTEER SERVICE  University Hill Elementary School, Boulder, CO​ ​- 1st-3rd grade  February 2019 - May 2019  ● Assisted students with their development of foundational reading and writing skills  during literacy periods.    Family Learning Center, Boulder, CO ​- 6th-8th grade  August 2018 - December 2018  ● Provided homework assistance for middle schoolers during the after school  program. 

Praxis Exam, English Language Arts: Content Knowledge  June 2019  ● Issued by: Colorado State Department of Education  ● Score: 176  ● Accolade: Passing score   Capstone Essay Competition Finalist  May 2015 
● Issued by: The Vanguard School  ● Accolade: Collegiate scholarship  National Latin Exam Silver Medalist  April 2012 and April 2014  ● Issued by: American Classical League and National Junior Classical League  ● Accolade: Two silver medals   

REFERENCES  Taylor McBride ​- Former employer, South Mouth Inc.  ● Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx  Junior Burke ​- Former professor, Naropa University  ● Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx  ● Email: xxx-xxx-xxxx  Austin Pick ​- Former college advisor, Naropa University  ● Email: xxx-xxx-xxxx  Elizabeth Bowman ​- Former teacher, The Vanguard School  ● Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx  ● Email: xxx-xxx-xxxx 

literacy, video editing, writing, reading, praxis