Life Stats
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Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
University: Wake Tech
Major: Business Analytics

Life Stats

I was born in Toronto, Ontario but didn't last there long as i moved to Raleigh, North Carolina when I turned one. Since then I have been interested in the camera, at just 6 years old I started my photography/videography interest. I've shot short films projects, skate videos, and venue promos for local hiphop shows. Once I got into middle school i got into computer visualization which was an 80% typing class, for some reason this caught my attention and since then I compete with myself to get my words-a-minute up to be the most efficient I can for myself and the company I hope to work for. Since I started in seventh grade I have kept up with this personal interest until September of 2018 with the hopes of finding a job in something I love to do. I am a hard working and dedicated employee that won't quit until my goals that are set are complete. I just completed my fall semester of college at Wake Tech towards my Bachelors degree in Business analytics. I have also worked at Trader Joe's from June of 2016 when I turned 16 up until February of 2019, I was a cashier, stoker, section leader, and customer service. I ended up quitting this last job to pursue my passion to give more personal drive towards my career I want. After Trader Joe's I worked at Sullivan's Steakhouse from February 2019 until June 2019 to be able to pay the bills. I do have experience working with small companies here and there over the span of the last three years. Unfortunately I haven't been employed by an official transcription prior to now but I can guarantee I have the experience and drive to be able to exceed in this position. Look forward to hearing back.

Thank you,

Ryan Arnott

Transcription , Business , photography , experience , promo