Kim Ambrose
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Location: Bothell, WA, USA
School: College of the Canyons
Major: Some College

Kim Ambrose

P​ ​R​ ​O​ ​F​ ​I​ ​L​ ​E   Goal-oriented assistant, with a focus on accounting. Driven, with project management and strong administrative skills.
H​ ​I​ ​G​ ​H​ ​L​ ​I​ ​G​ ​H​ ​T​ ​S    ● Maintain executive’s schedules ● Provide support for executives ● Maintain confidentiality ● Strong accounting skills

W​ ​O​ ​R​ ​K​ ​ E​ ​X​ ​P​ ​E​ ​R​ ​I​ ​E​ ​N​ ​C​ ​E 
Executive Assistant The Network Doctor| 2018-2020 ● Scheduled meetings, travel arrangements & appointments for company owner ● Managed expense reports for team members ● All accounts payable and receivable for company ● Composed e-mail correspondence and other company documents ● Assisted company owner with hiring and firing of employees ● Managed all company payroll ● Assisted company owner with all employee reviews and write ups  

Accountant Payless Water Heaters & AC | 2017-2018 ● Entering all invoices ● All accounts receivable for the company ● Copying & scanning all paperwork ● Filing all invoices by number and name ● Opened, sorted & distributed incoming messages, mail & correspondence ● Managed all expense reports

Veterinary Assistant Tags Vet Clinic| 2015-2017 ● Assisted DVM with all notes and correspondence ● Filled all prescriptions and notes
E​ ​D​ ​U​ ​C​ ​A​ ​T​ ​I​ ​O​ ​N 

High School Diploma West Ranch 2005-2009

Some Classes College of the Canyons 2009-2011

E​ ​X​ ​P​ ​E​ ​R​ ​T​ ​I​ ​S​ ​E 

Quickbooks Microsoft Office Business Knowledge Accounts Payable Account Receivable


Soft S​kills

Digital Design Organization Strong Work Ethic Editing & Proofreading Problem Solving

I​ ​N​ ​T​ ​E​ ​R​ ​E​ ​S​ ​T​ ​S

Photography Reading Pet Care Hiking

R​ ​E​ ​F​ ​E​ ​R​ ​E​ ​N​ ​C​ ​E​ ​S  
Jorden Samois Business Owner Holistic Hearts LLC------------ ------------

Meredith Barber HR Consultant 64 21 0813 7540 New Zealand Number ------------