Internship Resume
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Saratoga Springs
Major: Undecided

Internship Resume

My resume says a lot about who I am and what I do. It says that I like to give back to my community. It says that I helped to assist in the formation of a non-profit that educates children in underdeveloped neighborhoods. It says that I acted as a mentor to young people of color in summer school and helped teachers create lesson plans for their students.
However, my resume fails to portray just how multi-faceted my interest are— it does not speak to my love and appreciation for the art of fashion. My resume does not tell you that rather than telling myself that I wish to become a model, I’ve started to tell myself I am a model in an effort to speak my goals into existence. However, I understand that I cannot simply reach my goals by changing the mannerisms in which I address them. I am more than ready to work hard in order to achieve my goal. My first step is building my portfolio, I’ve used social media and networking in order to get in touch with photographers who would be willing to have photoshoots with me. My next step is an experience; in order to become a model, I need to immerse myself in the fashion industry through hands-on experience.
This is how I ended up here: as an applicant for this prestigious internship. I applied here because I see room for reciprocation. In exchange for experience and opportunity, I’m willing to work tirelessly to express my creative eye for fashion in the best way possible.

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