Instruments and Control
Industrial Engineer
Location: Tucson, Arizona, EE. UU.
School: UNAM
Field of Study: Industrial Engineer

Instruments and Control

Dear HR Officer:

As an Engineer professional with 20+ years of world class projects experience, in the fields of:

Mining, Oil, Maritime, Energy and Gas;

I learned that the best way to achieve success was to motivate the resources I had with well-defined objectives and empowerment.

A management belief based on integrity, quality, and service, along with a positive attitude, an aptitude for strategic thought and planning, and the ability to adapt quickly to new ideas and situations allows me to achieve consistent and significant results.

My Predictive Index Test says:

“As a manager of people or projects, Ricardo will be:
Broadly focused; his attention is on where he's bringing his team, and what goals he wants them
to achieve, rather than on the specifics of how they will get there
Strongly focused on cohesion, communication, morale, and team accomplishment; he achieves
his goals through them and with them
Comfortable delegating authority; he is eager to discuss his ideas with others is amenable to
changing his mind if it helps his overall goal
At ease in delegating details and implementation plans
Quick, friendly and broadly-focused when following-up on delegated tasks; he is eager to get
details completed quickly, freeing up his team to work on the next objective
Flexible in working with different kinds of people
Engaging and enthusiastic – confident in his ability to persuade others towards his point-of-view.”

I hope that you will find that this brief view, in combination with the attached resume, describes a dedicated team member and leader with the experience and skills to meet a job position within your organization.


Ricardo L Falconi



Bilingual Spanish / English

B.Sc. Industrial Engineer, Major in Electronics, Graduated (GPA 3.9, class 1982 highest).
Post Graduated in Instruments and Controls (Mexico’s National University) and in Schlumberger´s Geophysics Training Center. (Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina).

Proficient in: SCADA, SAP, EXCEL and all Microsoft Office Package, Project Manager, AUTOCAD 2013 and 2016.

Currently: Project Manager at Engineering Department. Copper Smelter at ASARCO, Hayden, AZ.
Team Leader in SAP Project System Module. Mining Industry.

OSHA and MSHA Certified.

20+ years of experience in Industrial (Automotive and Maquiladora) Power Sales, Business Development,
(Marine Power Generation, Instruments and Controls) Customer Service, Sales Engineering, Management and Administration.

Probed experience in working with Engineering teams, Production, QC & QA departments to develop solutions for real life problems. A natural for Human Relations.

Schlumberger Field Engineer Certificated. Oilfield Logging Services and Sales Engineering.

Spanish (Native),
English, Second Language: (TOEFL and English School for Language Certified (ESL, Campus: Norman, Oklahoma); CBEST Certified (California Basic School Test)).
French (3 years Alliance Françoise);
Conversational Italian.


ASARCO LLC 02/2013 to Present
Sr. Mine Engineer and Project Manager: Copper Smelter at Hayden, AZ;
Multitasks functions involving Engineering and Management, to serve the different areas (Smelter and Concentrator) in the property. Duties include: Project Management with close supervision to Contractors, Design and Engineering Analysis; Bids Analysis, New Projects Design, CAD drawing and Blueprinting for Civil and Mechanical Engineering; Cost and Budget Analysis; Supervision Follow up and Closing of Projects. Technical Support to Maintenance and Operations Departments.
From November 2013 to December 2014, commissioned to SAP Work Shops, to configure the Project System Module, (from “AS IS” to “TO BE”) in Tucson, Peru and Mexico City.

Industrial Representations International. 07/2005 to 12/2012
Sales and Business Development Director for Central Mexico and Central America.
Job Position and duties: Consultant to develop distribution sales channels and engineering solutions in Central, Southern Mexico and Central America. Duties also includes finding representatives and direct corporate accounts for the pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and allied materials for the electrical, automotive, electronics and appliance sectors. Achievements include developing distributorships, training, close relation with customers in developing projects, explaining application benefits, gaining markets from competitors, designing and applying market strategies, improving relations with existing accounts, implementing techniques to cope with the emerging automotive market and fulfill their QC, QA requirements.

Máxima Alerta SA de CV. (Ensenada, B.C.) 03/1987 - 10/2004
Position: CEO.
Developed and pioneered company that sold and installed Industrial Sensors, Automation Systems, Fire Protection Systems, CCTV, Access Controls, and low and medium voltage systems. Administrative and Management Duties: Servicing Power Generation Generators, Industrial Electronic Instruments and Controls and Industrial Automation Products, such as AC Drives, Servo drives, Human Interface, PLCs, Process Monitoring and Controls for Electrical Motors and Production Lines. Marine Diesel Engine´s flow, temperature, pressure and levels instrumentation and control.

Schlumberger Offshore Services: 1983-1985
Field Engineer:
Punta Arenas, Chile & Argentinean Patagonia
Geological Surveys for International Petrochemical Companies, Field Engineering in Argentinena and Chilean Patagonia, and Strait of Magellan and other South America countries. I was responsible for borehole and primary exploration real time logging as well as cementing, gunning, and other services related inside the oil well piping (casing), using state of the art equipment and exploration techniques.

MERCHANT MARINES: Transportación Marítima Mexicana. 1981-1983
Position: Electrical Officer- Motor Vessel “Jalisco”
Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, USA and México.
Preventive and corrective maintenance of: marine generators, servo mechanisms, electrical motors and related controls, as well as electronic, pneumatic, navigational and communications equipment, including alarms, controls, generators, declinators, navigational computers, autopilot, satellite, GPS, crane controls all aboard a 40,000-ton container vessel.

Laguna Verde Nuclear Plant, Veracruz. 1979-1981
Site Engineer (first job as Undergraduate Engineer)
Location: Control Room, Unit I.
Duties included blueprints correlation, correction reports, translation and intercommunication with American engineers from Ebasco, GE and CFE, as well as QA procedures and inspections of the instruments wiring for the Unit 1 that included servo valves, temperature controllers, monitors, radiation level monitors, flow monitors, graphics, ac drives controls and, servo drives controls.
The activities included the implementation of SCADA systems for the Control Room.

(Title and grades recognized in USA, by a credited credentials agency, copies available)

Schlumberger Petroleum Academy, Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia Argentina
Studies equivalent to a M.Sc. Degree by the American Petroleum Institute.
Survey Field Engineer Degree Obtained. 1983-1984

Research Engineer, 1982 (Thesis, one-year program.)Post Graduate Program.
Awarded Second Prize in National Seminar. Designed and built first Hot Wire Anemometer in Mexico

B.Sc., Industrial Engineer, Major in Electronics – 1981

Math and Physical Science Intense College course- 1977

ESL Certificate of Completion-1984


ESL three year program, completion date-1980

French as a Second Language Program (3 yr program)-1976


• 1977-1981 class Highest Average. Academy of Electronics, Veracruz Institute of Technology.
Granted 100% scholarships for academic merits: Veracruz Institute of Technology (5 years)

• National University of Mexico (1 year) Granted scholarship for Postgraduate thesis and awarded 2nd Place in the 3rd National Symposium of Instruments. UNAM, México City, 1982

Senior Mine Project Engineer, Merchan Marines Electrical Offices