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Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
School: Ryerson University
Major: Computer Science


Time availabilities currently
I have school from 9pm to 5pm from Tuesday to Thursdays.
How familiar are you with using smartphones or tablets? 9 (familiar)
Background in ice hockey?
Started playing ice hockey a month ago, learned through rollerblading. Play scrimmage games every week.
Level of Knowledge?
Really high, I have been watching and following hockey since the 6th grade. Watch bunch of analyst videos on youtube and listen to podcast.
Full time position?
Yes, I am if the availability matches
Not currently employed and I can see myself living in Ontario for the next two years due to school. I have applied to become a software developer for Microsoft during the Summer in Seattle but have not heard back after the interview.

Bachelor of Computer Science, Ryerson University Sept 2017-Apr 2021
o Courses: Data Structures, Machine Learning, Web Systems, AI, Database Systems
o VP of Operations & Events for Women in Computer Science
o Hosting an AI workshop in collaboration with Microsoft in March 2019

Developer | GiftingGurus Sept 2018-Oct 2018
o Developed a landing page for a start up in the fashion zone incubator (DMZ)
o Built frontend with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap while hosting the application on GitHub (https://hafeez-khan.github.io/giftingGurus/)

Software Developer | NoticeConnect May 2018-Aug 2018
o Built the test framework for the product and developed unit tests for Django models
taking code coverage from 0% to 10%
o Developed various UI components for new and existing features allowing users to easily navigate the website using tooltips, and appropriate error handling
o Developed various services that send scheduled email reminders to

Hockey analyst