Executive Assistant/Office Assistant/Administrative Assistant
Law(Criminal enforcement/Self-defense/Psychology/forensic science/EMT/EMS/SWAT/techniques/Field Training),, (Criminal/Workplace/Neuro/General/Business/Human/Effects) Psychology,, Business (Tactics/Management/Psychology/Leadership/Marketing/General)
Location: Reno, NV, USA
School: CTEC
Major: Law(Criminal enforcement/Self-defense/Psychology/forensic science/EMT/EMS/SWAT/techniques/Field Training),, (Criminal/Workplace/Neuro/General/Business/Human/Effects) Psychology,, Business (Tactics/Management/Psychology/Leadership/Marketing/General)

Executive Assistant/Office Assistant/Administrative Assistant

Communication, Self motivator, Thriving under pressure, concise decision making, Excels at leadership, adaptability to any office/situation, exceptional interpersonal skills, diversly experienced in many industries, strong work ethic from years of working(stemming from having 4 jobs at 12 years old and 1 by the age of 7), taking initiative where no one else has, professional approach/demeanor towards problems and any situation, quick to acclimate/learn new abilities, Ability to meet abrupt/competing deadlines with intense workload amounts with an outstanding result/product early/on-time, organizational accuracy and efficiency, highly analytical, natural conflict resolver/problem solver innovatively and diplomatically, making creative unique ideas/solutions to existing/possible problems or to heighten efficiency and productivity, unbeatable quality work in efficient time, incomparably driven to succeed and grow each and every day, Unwavering loyalty and the utmost trustworthiness with information that's confidential, highly attentive and detail oriented, always honest, excels in office related and office managing tasks and not afraid to go for every opportunity to grow and suceed and make things happen.

Sept 2018 – Pres. SELF EMPLOYED Reno, NV
General Laborer
 Mostly arranging pickup work ranging from yard-work, vehicular, in home care assistance, life management/coaching assistance and more. Daily tasks include excellent time management/scheduling skills, financial management/receiving payment/budgeting, client communications/customer service and satisfaction, making calls/receiving calls, exceptional interpersonal skills, organizational skills, excellent communication efficiency, strong work ethic/self-motivated drive/productivity rate, self starter, maturity beyond my years.

Sept 2018 – Feb 2019 Jays’ Metal Reno, NV
Executive Assistant/Receptionist/ Secretary/Co-Owner
 Took care of all on paper, Office related tasks/Vehicle office as well, secretarial, accounting, management tasks like scheduling(Appts, Employees, Meetings, itineraries etc...), Setting up and confirming appt.’s, travel and it's details, managing finances, making an efficient/organized filing system for receipt/ticket/order tracking/keeping, Employee management/Communication Liason, HR, hiring, New employee integration, scheduler, Marketing/Sales/Closing, creating ADs, posting them, finding new platforms and methods to spread awareness for the company, new/existing client communication, taking incoming calls, making calls, negotiating prices for contracts/buying/selling, efficient organization, writing, signing, negotiating big company contracts, making/managing new/existing yard accounts, researching buying prices for each yard as well as market prices, Effectively maximizing profit from $500-$700 a day to about $3k-$7k any given day as well as efficiency with a new organizational system for loading the trailer, storage units for separate metals and drop off chart for yards and days to designate metal drops to the yard with the highest buying prices for each separate metal. Also taking part in the manual labor involved in the job whenever capable all at the same time.

Feb 2019 – July 2019 Freedom Home Health Reno, NV
CNA- Certified Nursing Assistant
 In home nursing, health and home care assistant. Day-to-day/Oncall/Swing/Graveyard Assistance of the elderly/disabled 24/7, taking care of managing clients/keeping the schedule straight, working independently/taking initiative to work and go the extra mile, time management for my regular scheduling of clients as well as Oncall assistance fit ins, filling out paperwork different form(s) for every client/filing those multiple different forms for each client/creating an organizational filing system, having strong skills in organizing, filing, note taking, scheduling, sense of urgency, financial management/security, shopping, helping take care of technical concerns such as their phone troubleshooting, computer and tablet setup/support, writing documents/proofreading, etc.., managing their accounts, finances, appt scheduling, transportation scheduling, home making like cleaning, washing, bathing the clients, med reminds and all overall home keeping/health care.

July 2018 – Sept 2018 Silver State Cafe Austin, NV
Waitress/Cook/Event Head
 Switched between two main roles: waitressing and cooking. Dependant on the day, I would be listed Cook or Waitress on the schedule so I'd have all the main duties and side jobs of that role. But, we also picked up work during the day if necessary or we saw it needed to be done, we all did every job along with our main role. I Closed, opened, cleaned, hosted and cashiered each and every day. When applicable, I also hosted events and assisted the owner as the head of planning where my duties were deciding, implementing and running of events.

June 2017 – July 2018 Zaferan Café Cottonwood Heights, UT
Executive Manager/Lead Waitress/Cook/Hostess
 Became the Executive manager before I even hit 2 months into starting. HR, Scheduling, payroll, interviewing, training, hiring, waitressing, cleaning, opening, closing, cooking, cashiering, hostessing, taking incoming calls, togo orders, even delivery driving, assisting the owner with whatever he needed, including but not limited to tech/finance/accounts and teaching him certain industry, management, accounting, language, technology, roads, computer skills, MS Office skills, marketing etc strategies. Overall handling a workload meant for two, from having to take on the entire café by myself waitressing, hosting, cooking, bussing, taking orders, serving, taking calls, making togos, and etc. To Managing the entire café, its employees, and the like.

Jan 2018 – June 2018 Walmart Cottonwood Heights, UT
Cashier/Customer Service
 Appointed Main self check-out (Bulls Pen) associate, one of the top ranked cashier service associates in: Timing, Accuracy, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction and Service.

April 2017 – June 2017 Subway Reno, NV
Sandwich Artist
 Making sandwiches, customer service, cashiering, independently serving rush hour lunchtime every weekend located within .3 mi of an elementary league soccer field holding tournaments every weekend. Having No issues with efficiency, satisfaction, order accuracy, sandwich build, cleanliness, timeliness, organization, no complaints while effectively making growth towards management within a week or two of being hired etc...

Aug 2017 – April 2018 Brighton High/CTEC Cottonwood Heights, UT
Psychology(multiple areas) Businness
 Took on college courses earning towards a degree while simoultaneously graduating highschool early.
 Earning credits towards Business(Management, psychology, Logistics, Marketing, Leadership, Team management/lead/member, Strategy), Psychology (General, Workplace, Business, Team, Leader, Family, Criminal, Trauma, Neuro etc) Criminal/First Responder (Criminal Psychology, Criminal Law Enforcement, Forensic science, EMS/EMT, Combat, Strategy, etc)
 Maintaining top of class status, consistently being on time/early with submissions of work/arriving every day, became teaching assistant/teaching and creating coursework activities as well as having been on track to graduate early

Rick Manning

Executive, Assistant, Administrative, Office, Management, Manager, Front desk, Executive Assistant