Emma Malensek
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Location: Denver, CO, USA
School: Dalhousie University
Major: Accounting

Emma Malensek

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• Analytical adeptness developed through work experience, extracurriculars, and in class experience
• Efficient time manager and strong self-motivation, displayed through high GPA, work, and extracurricular activities
• Strong software skills in Tax prep, CaseWare, internal systems, and Microsoft Office

Dalhousie University - Bachelor of Commerce Co-op Graduation 2021
• GPA 3.70

Rock Canyon High School, Highlands Ranch, CO May 2017
• Graduated with Honours - GPA 3.76

Captive Insurance Accounting Co-op – Marsh, Halifax NS Sep 2019-Dec 2019
• Autonomous ability utilized to complete, organize, and process client files on a quarterly and monthly basis
• Methodical analysis employed to learn internal company accounting software, industry related terms, and solve complex problems
• Demonstrated teamwork capability through working with different managers and updating them on the progress of the files

Assurance Accounting Co-op Student – Grant Thornton, Halifax NS Jan 2019-May 2019
• Organizational ability through use of different types of technology and turning client information into files and references
• Verbal and written communications skills used through various methods of communication with managers to allow seamless review of the files
• Strong time management skills to complete various files and meet CRA filing deadlines

Lifeguard Manager – Pinery Country Club, Parker CO Apr 2018-Sep 2018
• Managed employees that required effective communication to minimize emergencies and improve the patrons experience at the pool
• Recorded pool chemicals and items throughout the day to ensure the pool was safe to use and take inventory
• Communicated with patrons hourly in order to make the pool more enjoyable and resolve any issues

Lifeguard - Town of Castle Rock, Castle Rock, CO Apr 2015-Aug 2017
• Acute decision-making abilities in cases of emergencies and pool maintenance that required to be on alert at all times
• Meticulous attention to detail from guarding the patrons which has developed into a professional approach to schoolwork and organization
• Communicates clearly with other staff including lifeguards, front desk, and emergency services in order to get help to those in need

Exhibit Interpreter - Denver Museum of N&S, Denver, CO Apr 2016-Jan 2017
• Worked as a team member with the museum group to plan and facilitate opportunities for guests
• Adept verbal communicator developed by teaching all ages about the Earth’s history
• Research driven in order to provide guests with the most up to date and correct
in f or mat ion about Earth’s history

JDCC Accounting Team, Rowe School of Business, Halifax, NS Sep 2019-Jan 2020
• Teamwork ability used to analyze and develop a solution to cases with teammates
• Analytical expertise developed further by learning new accounting and financial material

Fifth Floor President, Risley Hall Council, Halifax, NS Sep 2017-Apr 2018
• Strong leadership developed through managing a committee of peers
• Reliable and timely by coordinating events, places, and times which has been used to increase turnout at floor sponsored events

Society Member, National Technical Honor Society, Highlands Ranch, CO April 2017-Current
• A well-founded knowledge background in MS office which was used to complete a multitude of the tasks to become a member
• Maintains a GPA of at least 3.5

Head Varsity Lacrosse Manager, RC Lacrosse, Highlands Ranch, CO Aug 2013-May 2016
• Multitasking agility due to recording in the game book, taking inventory of supplies, and communicating with coaches
• Excellent attention to details due to having to recorded and reconciled game
information in the lacrosse book and put the information on state ranking websites

Dalhousie University Undergrad Scholarship Apr 2018
• Received a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher

Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar with Distinction May 2017
• Received at least an average of 3.5 on AP exams and achieved a score of 3.0+ on at least four exams

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