Electrical Engineer
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Location: West Haven, CT, USA
School: University of New Haven
Field of study: Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineer

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Enthusiastic and motivated individual with valuable knowledge in Power, Wireless and Communication. Able to utilize various Electrical test equipment and software such as ADS, MATLAB etc. Amicable and adaptable in nature and Ability to deal with people diplomatically, great communication skills, excellent problem-solving skills and a good team facilitator.
Automatic Scheduler for Farmer (IJETEMR), Network Topology (IJETEMR), Network Topology protocol layer (IJSRD)
Electrical Intern, VideoconD2H, Pune, India September 2015 – February 2016
Worked as an intern in Videocon d2h where we were involved in modulation technique, transponder setting and quality analysis of the products of Videocon d2h (Dish TV, Cable)
• To work on digital modulation technique such as FSK, PSK and QAM.
• To realize certain minimum to noise ratio one uses preferably modulation techniques that trade bandwidth for power, i.e. with larger bandwidth such as FSK, BPSK and QPSK
Electrical Intern, Micro verse Automation Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India June2016-August 2016
It is India’s first indigenous DCS manufacturer, AnISO9001:2000 company supplying complete automations system for Water Management, Power Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Engineering Design, Chemical Plants and Defense applications.
• To write a logical code and algorithms to perform a various calculation and designing a server in SCADA
• Established a communication between remote PLC system and server SCADA with the help of GPRS based protocol
• Designed an HMI (Human machine interface) for remote PLC system
Project: Commissioning of remote operating and monitoring system for WEX Technology Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
• A project for operating and monitoring the parameters of cooling tower remotely.
• Established a GPRS base communication between DCS system and Server SCADA.
• Handling of data with the help of Cloud base system.
Electrical Experience, Sense Tech Systems, Pune, India August 2016- July 2017
It is Partnership firm, engaged as the foremost Manufacturer of Data Logger, Proximity Sensors
• Involved in designing and manufacture of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Sensor, Universal Calibrator Industrial Thermowell, Humidity Sensors, Proximity Switch, Digital Temperature Indicators, Thermocouple Cable
• Developing a sensor according to the client requirement and development process
• Participate in and assist team members in a variety of more complex sensors and engineering activities and involved in analyzing and reviewing sensor data to evaluate sensor performance.
• Develop proper product specification and designs for system and subsystem, component performance
• Band-pass Filter: Designed a Band-pass filter using 3rd order coupled line filter with largest Figure of Merit (FOM) and it was necessary to fits the circuit within the overall footprint and minimum feature size restrictions. (RF Circuit)
• Seven-band equalizer: Designed a seven-band equalizer using fourth order bandpass filter and realized the seven filters by using Direct form I and II and compared the signal with the original signal when there was no gain.
• Simulation of Silicon RIB Waveguide: In this Project we designed and simulated the Silicon RIB waveguide in COMSOL and designed the 3D layout. Including all we also calculated its “Near field” electromagnetic field, “Far Field” Electromagnetic filed, S-parameters like Reflection, Electromagnetic Interference, Absorption and Transmission.
• Design of a residential PV power system with battery storage: System will be used to power 4-10 houses. The battery backup will be used when there is energy deficit. Extra power will return to the grid and cost estimation.
University of New Haven, West Haven, CT
May 2020
Master of Science- Electrical Engineering
Relevant Courses: Microwave and RF Engineering, Electromagnetics Waves, Digital Signal Processing, Power systems Engineering, Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Optical Fiber Communications, Wireless Communication, Smart Grid.