ELA Tutor/ Teaching Assistant
Performing Arts - Music
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: CUNY - Lehman College
Field of Study: Performing Arts - Music

ELA Tutor/ Teaching Assistant

• Outgoing personality and well rounded in education.
• Respectful to authority and willing to follow instructions.
• Well educated and well spoken.
• Experience as a tutor allows me to be well versed in handling a majority of other work situations.
• Patient, diligent work ethic and always willing to learn new things.

• Well developed professional and interpersonal communication skills through my experiences as a tutor and teaching assistant. I have had to speak to and interact with persons from all sorts of backgrounds, races, religions, and cultures, thus gaining an understanding in handling differing issues and situations from person to person accordingly.
• Computer skills: Including internet research, filing, grading, scheduling, use of Microsoft Office, monitoring/communicating via email, as well as creating lesson plans and utilizing online educational tools in a learning environment.
• Responsibility in overseeing the welfare of minors between the ages of 10 – 18 years, left under my care during afterschool hours.
• Typing speed of 90+ words per minute
• Over 10 years of experience as a writer, tutor, and mentor.

Recent: Manhattan Youth
Supervisor: Lorisse Bentiné
26 Broadway, 12th Floor, NYC 10004
(646) 823 – 3949
Description: Teaching assistant in an after school program for middle school children between the ages of 10 – 13 years of age, four days a week, between the hours of 3pm to 6pm. I work both as an assistant to program specialists within Manhattan Youth, aiding in classroom leadership, and I also teach my own classes two days a week.
Responsibilities include: Lesson planning, Behavioral management, engaging students in participating in team/group projects, discovering personal growth and maturity, understanding self respect and respecting others, forming important and lasting relationships and friendships, and much more.

New York University Metro Center
Supervisor: Patricia Ryan- Canedo
726 Broadway 5th floor, NYC 10003
Title: Academic Tutor | New York, NY | October 2016 - 2019
• Plan lessons for allotted time to strengthen weak subjects and build skills on stronger ones.
• Respond to email and telephone requests for assistance with specific questions.
• Tutor struggling, average and advanced students in ELA and other subjects.
• Help students prepare for routine and standardized tests, including college entrance exams.
• Integrate technology into sessions to further enhance student learning.
• I work as an English/ELA and creative writing tutor to high school students aged 13-18. I assist in test prep, SAT prep and college prep in addition to homework help and basic academic tutoring. I work both individually one on one with students or in a classroom setting with several students.

Supervisor: Marisol Jimenez, Associate Director
Old Gym Building, Room 216
Title: Private Music Tutor | Bronx, New York | September 2014 - December 2015
• Consistently received positive teacher evaluations from students.
• Facilitated group sessions and provided one-on-one support.
• Tutored fellow college students struggling with the academics involved in the music performance Bachelors program at Lehman College. Assisted in vocal singing practice in addition to basic piano study and music theory.

Current Field of Study: BACHELORS IN THE PERFORMING ARTS Music Performance - Opera
• Lehman College
• Bronx, New York | Current
• Currently working towards completing my Bachelors in the performing arts with a focus on opera and classical music. Currently have over 200 credits toward my major.

Obtained Degree: ASSOCIATE OF ARTS Music Performance - Liberal Arts
• Bronx Community College
• Bronx, New York | 2014
• Graduated with 3.5 GPA

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