Digital Artist
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Location: Woodside, NY, USA
School: New York Institute of Technology
Major: Digital Arts

Digital Artist

Career Profile_
Freelance multimedia artist with 9 years of experience in working various fields such as: TV
production, contemporary arts, event graphic designer, tourist guide, customer service, facility
managing and restaurant development.
Core competencies include: typography, color theory, graphic design, conceptual thinking,
creative thinking, interpersonal relations, persuasive communication, project management and
print evaluation.
Relevant Experience_
GRECA New York, NY | 2017-2018
● Conceptualized and co-designed current logo
● Painted murals
● Produced motion graphic videos for promotional purposes on Instagram
● Co-conceptualized and executed an event in 80’s theme
● Installed party hardware
The Greek Tribeca New York, NY | 2014-2017
● Creative research for new concept
● Produced prototypes with new menu design layouts and materials
● Maintained weekly menus amount and production
● Applied current logos on various materials
● Produced digital media for marketing purposes
● Maintained guest relations for future events
Ulaanbaatar Broadcasting System Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia | 2014
● Developed animated graphics for TV programs for UBS
● Recreated low-res logos into production standard logo
● Co-directed visuals for live show
Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs Ulaan-baatar, Mongolia | 2014
● Co-Designed and produced invitations, brochures, banner, infographic and advertisement for the event
for returning fossil of Tyrannosaurus Bataar
World of Ed Heck Brooklyn, NY | 2014
● Ghosted Ed Heck’s artworks to animations for visual appeal in After effects
B.F.A. Digital Art Major |New York Institute of Technology | New York, New York | May 2018

Digital Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Editor