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Location: London, UK
School: Roehampton university
Major: Business Management


My name is Evgeniia Shaeva, and I am studying Business Management at University of Roehampton.

I could define myself as a creative and responsible person with excellent communication skills who believes that develop myself in a multicultural environment is a critical success factor to discover new career possibilities. Passion for intercultural cooperation and desire to make the the creative approaches for any business is one of the reasons why I decided to major in business abroad and get actively involved in the marketing working processes.

I regard spreading my ability to think out of the box creatively to overcome challenges. Specialized in economics and marketing, as well as making up a lot of contest marketing projects, including development of social media profiles for different companies- I have the skills to analyse, understand and summarise the massive amount of data accurately. Thus, I worked as a creative designer for a barbershop in Russia where I could completely implement a flow of my ideas and built up a well-known place, as well as making all the marketing campaigns and layouts.

Meanwhile I was working as the editor of newspapers: school newspaper first in high school, then in EducationUSA. Now I turned my passion for writing into my own blog; making and managing all the marketing promotions and campaigns me and my team have, as well as I was hired by different businesses to make a creative content for them.

Competently expressing your ideas is a key factor for each business. Which I understood by being a teenager. Correctly speaking your thoughts- that’s the goal I want to perfect. I believe that social media only works if you follow desires and thoughts of your target audience.

Communicative, creative, reliable