Anna O'Kane CV
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Location: Baltimore, MD, USA
School: Loyola University Maryland
Major: Speech Language Hearing Science

Anna O'Kane CV

327 Riva Ave, Milltown, NJ 08850
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Loyola University Maryland Baltimore, MD
Bachelor of Arts
Expected May 2020
Major: Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Cumulative GPA: 3.580
Major GPA: 3.850
Honors and Awards:
Alpha Sigma Nu
Dean’s List 5 Semesters
Presidential Scholarship recipient


Health Outreach Baltimore
A Loyola University Maryland program in Mercy Medical Center that works to minimize social disparities of health by supporting and connecting low income mothers to resources in Baltimore.

Operations Coordinator
September 2019 – Present
Health Outreach Baltimore Baltimore, MD
•Maintain all documentation on all Health Outreach Baltimore’s databases
•Schedule Motor Pool services offered at Loyola for weekly transportation to Mercy Medical Center
•Contribute to Health Outreach Baltimore leadership and reflection sessions to assure the program maintains peak performance
•Maintain attendance records of shifts and weekly reflection meetings

Resource Coordinator
September 2018 - May 2019
Health Outreach Baltimore Baltimore, MD
•Facilitated the team of student advocates from Health Outreach Baltimore responsible for locating continual relevant resources and programs available in Baltimore
•Coordinated responsibilities of student advocates to maintain the active database of community programs
•Responsible for resource website maintenance, monthly newsletters, and resource fact sheets
•Structured and supervised weekly meetings of students advocates to plan newsletter, website, and PowerPoints for advocates

September 2018 - Present
Loyola Dance Company Baltimore, MD
•Coordinate with university personnel regarding all aspects of running the team including finance, stage crew, art direction, ticket sales, and scheduling of practice and performance space availability
•Maintain ongoing communication to 150 company dancers through emails and reminders of practices and upcoming events
•Choreographed 12 and performed in 50 dance routines in total for each semester showcase


Independent Study
September 2019 – December 2019
Mercy Medical Center and Loyola University Maryland Baltimore, MD
Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner, Ph.D., B.S.N., R.N and Lisa Schoenbrodt, Ed.D., CCC-SLP
•Designed and participated in a 3-credit course that studied the amount of mother’s patient engagement with children’s education resources through Health Outreach Baltimore at Mercy Medical Center
•Provided Health Outreach Baltimore clients with education and reading resources in Baltimore City, as well as information about speech and language milestones for infants
•Wrote a literature review that discussed how social determinants of health impact speech, language, and literacy milestones for marginalized children in urban cities

Clinical Observation Hours
September– December 2017 Baltimore, MD
•Obtained 25 clinical observation hours in hospital, clinical, and educational settings
•Observed several audiological evaluations, and pediatric and geriatric therapy for expressive and receptive communication disorders, and wrote SOAP notes (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) at the end of each session


September 2017-May 2018
Health Outreach Baltimore Baltimore, MD
•Committed 120 hours of service over the course of one academic year to support postpartum mothers with various recourses offered in Baltimore City

Open House Ambassador
November 2019
Speech Language Hearing Sciences Baltimore, MD
•Welcomed perspective students at Loyola’s fall open house
•Provided them with information about programs and clubs using a slideshow presentation with Dr. Lisa Schoenbrodt and Professor Brianne Roos

September 2016 – Present
Loyola Dance Company Baltimore, MD

September-December 2016
Loyola University Chapel Choir Baltimore,MD


Marketing and Sales Assistant
February – August 2016
Better Buys for Beauty South Brunswick, NJ
•Created product advertisements and online listings for various health and beauty products
•Corresponded with customers regarding their comments and concerns
•Organized product placement and kept track of inventory

Food and Beverage Server
May 2017 – present
Seasonal: Summer

Forestage Country Club
Monroe, NJ
•Work collaboratively with staff members club to assure club member satisfactory in the restaurant
•Wait and buss tables during the week and serve monthly summer events

Speech, Health Outreach Baltimore