Akasit Calvin Sotakoun
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Location: Corona, CA, USA
School: Riverside City College
Major: Film

Akasit Calvin Sotakoun

Akasit Sotakoun
Corona, California

I am a freelance film student that is looking for an opportunity as an intern. I want to learn as much as possible and get a feel of the business, evolving and to grow as a filmmaker.

Work Experience
Directing Freelance Shorts
At from a young age, I have directed a few shorts on Youtube, and will be soon entering in the Riverside Film Festival. I am a film major, currently enrolled at Riverside City College, and taking as many classes and opportunities within the film industry. I have a Canon EOS 60D and Zhiyun Crane 2 Stabilizer for my equipment.

Sales Associate
I worked as a sales associate at Party City. It consisted of helping out customers, ringing up on the registers, stocking shelves, unloading pallet shipments from the back. Communication and customer satisfaction is very important to the success of the job, so my area of focus was to help them out and look for items in specific areas of the store.

Eleanor Roosevelt High School
High School Diploma
Graduated May 2018
Earned Honor Roll (an award for maintaining a 3.4 GPA throughout the course of high school) for graduation.
A member of the marching and concert band program for three years (allowing a growth in maturity, social skills, and the work ethic of success)
Took AP Courses through high school, courses that need high attention span and the motivation factor of putting use of all your hard work and commitment)
Professional Skills
Communication: Advanced (able to fluently communicate to a customer and resolve any issue at hand)
Efficient: Advanced (Critically focused and mentally determined to finish and stay on task until the job has been finished or done with)
Work Ethic: Highly motivated and advanced to pursue any problems at hand
Technically and mechanically efficient.
Adaptable to any situation with speed and accuracy.
English: Native