Adam Rech Resume
Location: Carrollton, TX, USA
School: Sam Houston State University
Field of Study: Dance

Adam Rech Resume

Adam Rech
Phone: ------------
Email: ------------
Nationality: American

Strong ability to relay goals and requirements in a creative way
Accustomed to managing and leading large groups of diverse individuals
Used to working under pressure and time constraints
Strong interpersonal skills and ability to interpret others needs
Strong eye for visual presentation and merchandising
Strong ability to analyze, evaluate, and interpret information
Accustomed to standing for long periods of time and lifting heavy object

BFA from Sam Houston State University
- Graduated Cum Laude 3.56 GPA
- Department of Dance on Scholarship
- Class of 2019

Gillman Scholarship Recipient- Fall 2018
- Government funded scholarship to help pay for a five-month study abroad program in Israel
SHSU Study Abroad Scholarship 2018
SHSU Department of Dance Scholarship 2015-19

Prior Experience
Hollister Co.
- Part Time Stock Employee
- Guest artist for seasonal Nutcracker Performance
Nicolai Dance Works
- Dancer in A Wyne Home Nutcracker

Year Company
ϖ Aug. 2018 Kibbutz Contemporary
- Jan. 2019 Dance Company
- Int. Dance Journey
ϖ May 2015 Sam Houston State University’s Department of Dance (scholarship)
- May 2019
ϖ Summer 2017 RDA National Choreography Intensive as an Emerging Choreographer
ϖ Summer 2016 Gus Giordano Jazz College/Pro Intensive (full scholarship)
ϖ Summer 2014 Oklahoma City Ballet Summer Intensive (Full Scholarship)
ϖ Summer 2012 ABT Alabama Summer Intensive (scholarship)
ϖ May. 2019 Performed work from Shen Wei Dance Arts
- “Re III” by Shen Wei
ϖ Jan. 2019 Performed repertoire from the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
- “Asylum”, “Horses in the Sky”, “Aide Memoire”,
and “Upon Reaching the Sun” by Rami Be’er
ϖ Jan. 2019 Performed repertoire from Cullberg Ballet
- “Apartment” by Mats Ek
ϖ May. 2018 Performed work by the director of Dark Circles Contemporary Dance
- “Weenie Roast” by Joshua L. Peugh
ϖ May. 2017 Performed repertoire from Battle Works/ Alvin Ailey
- “Battlefield” by Robert Battle

- Gaga technique and early Ohad Naharin repertoire with Yaniv Abraham
- Contemporary techniqueand repertoire with Uri Ivgi
- Gaga technique and Composition with Amy Morrow
- Hofesh Co. Repertoire and Sight Specific Work with Ayelet Nadav and Shane Scopatz
- Composition Classes with Janis Brenner and Jerome Robins of the Julliard School