Abigail Korsen Resume
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Location: Santa Ana, CA, USA
School: UC Santa Barbara
Field of Study: Biological Sciences

Abigail Korsen Resume

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Skills Summary
Experienced leader with a background in Biology, Ecology and business writing, with a passion for learning. Excellent customer service and organization skills, time management and decision making under pressure with 3+ years of experience as a supervisor of a large and diverse staff. CPR and First Aid certified with experience working amongst a wide range of ages in myriad different situations. Excellent in American Sign Language and proficient in Spanish. Experience with Microsoft Office and Excel and can type at 60 WPM.

University of California, Santa Barbara
Biological Sciences, B.A. June 2019
Relevant coursework: Human Physiology, Neural Development, Biology, Molecular Genetics, Parasitology, Chemistry + Lab, Organic Chemistry + Lab, Writing for Business Professionals
Universidad de Córdoba
Concentration in History Winter 2019
Relevant coursework: Spanish

University of California, Santa Barbara Department of Recreation
Recreation Supervisor May 2016 – June 2019
♣ Supervised and responsible for the operations of the 100,000 sq. ft. recreation center while monitoring over 100 diverse staff members in over seven program areas ranging from fitness to outdoor adventures.
♣ Handled a wide variety of situations including emergency response and customer relations and mediation.
♣ Enforced policies to maintain the overall safety of the patrons and the facility.
♣ Attended weekly meetings with the assistant director of operations to collaborate and create new protocol.
♣ Participated in job interviews for promoted employees and potential candidates for employment.
Sun and Swell Foods
Brand Representative September 2017 – January 2019
♣ Represented the brand at multiple locations across Southern California to inform customers about the product and the mission of the corporation.
♣ Performed snack samplings at myriad locations, host sponsored events at local and distant venues, and promoted the product.
Sales and Marketing Intern July 2018 – September 2018
♣ Performed administrative duties under the supervision of the founder and CEO to develop and implement new marketing strategies and sales techniques.
♣ Managed the Instagram account and increased their engagement by 20%.
♣ Reached out to potential new customers and helped develop strategies for customer engagement.
♣ Organized brand collaborations and giveaways with companies such as, C20 Coconut Water, Soozy’s Muffins and Vive Organics as well as implementing numerous other marketing campaigns to increase exposure.
Leadership and Engagement
UC Santa Barbara Department of Recreation
Head of the Employee Incentive and Recognition committee April 2018 – June 2019
♣ Lead a team of 4 staff members to create new methods to enhance employee wellbeing.
♣ Implemented a monthly recognition program within the operations department that recognizes employees.
♣ Helped organize and analyze current staffed duties to create a new management hierarchy.
Delta Gamma Fraternity
Member September 2016 – April 2018
♣ Served as a member on the Alumni Committee and helped plan and organize events with alumna of the chapter.
♣ Participated in philanthropic events and raised over $11,000 for the Delta Gamma Foundation, Service for Site.
♣ Attended quarterly leadership and mental health workshops.