Real Estate Marketing Specialist
Real Estate Marketing Specialist

We Buy Houses in Nice Neighborhoods

We are looking to fill 5 positions.


In this internship, you will learn:

1. How real estate investors make more money than real estate agents while helping families get out of pre-foreclosures.

3. Drive for Dollar (D4$) - How to spot vacant properties and located motivated sellers.

3. How to located motivated Sellers in difficult situations such divorce, death in family, have major medical bills and simply inherited a house they don't want to keep through lead generation.

4. How speak with motivated Sellers, build rapport, collect important information about their property and its condition.

5. How to complete forms, follow systems, and processes from the start to finish.

This part-time internship is perfect for someone who is looking to get experience in marketing and sale of real estate from an investor standpoint.

1. No experience in sales or marketing required.
2. No real estate experience necessary
3. No sales and marketing experience necessary
4. You must have reliable transportation computer with internet access
5. Be punctual (Keep a tight schedule)
6. Have high values and Integrity
7. Organized (with paperwork)
8. Have computer skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
9. Able to multi-task in a fast paced environment
10. People oriented - Not afraid to speak with sellers over the phone or in person.

This is internship requires 10-20 hours of driving, knocking on doors, making follow-up phone calls, and typing up forms as well as reports remotely (from home or car)..

We cover gas at $100/week. During hands-on training, each time you secure a real estate property that PPS closes, you will receive a $500.00 Bonus.

For Examples:
If you locate 50 vacant properties, speak with 100 potential sellers, knock on 20 doors, completed packages for 10 walk-throughs, and close 3 deals within one month, you will be paid $400 (gas money), plus $1,500.00 Bonus equates to $1,900 for the month.

After you gain experience and have closed 10 deals, you will receive $1,000 Bonus per closing and be offered a permanent position as a trainer in our Marketing Department.

The next level of training includes how to use "creative real estate investing techniques" to make a six figure income within one year.

Only reliable and self-motivated candidates should apply.

We will train the right individual.