Teaching Assistant-Montessori Aftercare
Teaching Assistant-Montessori Aftercare

Montessori Classroom Assistant Teacher
Roles and Responsibilities

The primary role of the Aftercare Assistant is to effectively manage the classroom to ensure that the children are engaged and content. The Assistant’s role is vital to the success of the Montessori aftercare classroom. The Aftercare Assistant is responsible for ensuring many of the Montessori elements of the school day are implemented into the aftercare classroom as well. The Aftercare Assistant is one who helps maintain and restores order to the environment by the management of the children and activities and cleanliness of the materials and environment. In addition, the Aftercare Assistant is responsible for preparing and serving an afternoon snack, preparing indoor activities/games and spending time with the children during outdoor recess time.

If the employee would like additional hours, there is an option for additional hours while covering staff lunch breaks during the lunch hour and preparation of classroom materials/cleaning in the afternoon.

Other Aftercare Classroom Expectations Include:

− Complete daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklists to maintain classroom cleanliness and order for the environment.

− Supervise students in classroom between activities, snack and outdoor time.

− Enforce school and class rules to help teach students proper behavior.

− Role model own behavior so children learn the grace and courtesy of the environment as well as socially acceptable behavior.

− Track attendance

− Interact with parents on a professional level

− Participate in problem solving sessions in order to resolve bottleneck or operational issues.

− Support the team by filling in during the morning work cycles when team members are absent and/or needed elsewhere.

− Laminate, copy and reproduce Montessori materials as needed for classroom use.

− Additional responsibilities as assigned to support the goals of IMA and its team.
Team Expectations:

− Develop and share annual personal goals one in each of the following areas: Classroom
Normalization; Building Community; Personal/Professional.

− Participate in and lead Team Meetings.

− Support team members’ goals.

− Participate and assist the overall goals and direction of IMA by maintaining qualities and standards of a Self-Directed Work Team.