Hardworking with Degree in Chemistry
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Location: Eddyville, KY, United States
University: Murray State University
Major: Chemistry

Hardworking with Degree in Chemistry

Hardworking chemistry student seeking entry-level position based off lab experience and academic standing. Committed to being a successful team member from core values and skills that cannot be taught in a classroom.

• Chemical analysis
• Titration methods
• Laboratory safety
• Instrument calibration
• Data collection
• Time management
• Computer skills
• Business oriented

Murray State University: Murray, KY| Bachelor of Science - Chemistry | August 2016 | Labs completed: General Chemistry, Qualitative Analysis, Organic I, Analytical, Organic II, Instrumental, and Physical Chemistry
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Certified
CPR, First Aid, and AED trained

CVS Pharmacy: Benton, KY; Princeton, KY; Murray, KY | CPhT; April 2014 – Present
• Compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to job
• Managing inventory
• Dealing with third parties
• Preparing orders with minimal notice in a timely manner
• Keeping attention to detail
• Customer service

REFERENCES: Available upon request

Chemistry, Environmental, Agriculture