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Location: Milford Mill, MD, United States
School: Lincoln University
Major: Information Technology


Praveen Mahato
Windsor Mill, MD

• Around 7+ years of real job experience on Programming, Designing and Online Marketing with 10+ Web Development experience. Profound 1+ year of experience in Networking.
• Extensive experience in Ecommerce, Development and Front end design.
• Extensive SEO, keyword, GEO targeting and market analysis.
• Extensive experience in Website designing, VB Scripting, Ajax, jQuery, PHP, PERL, SQL, C, C++, VB, Javascript. Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator
• Extensive experience in networking, router programming and Network Design.
• Developing Mysql database architecture with optimization of minimum load on database.
• Strong communication Skills and always focused to meet KPI’s & more.
Authorized to work for any Employer:: Willing to relocate: Anywhere
Energy Dynamics – Rockville, MD
Jan 2016 to Dec 2016

As a webmaster I was responsible for maintaining Company website, building, marketing and maintaining Bigcommerce powered website and developing Wordpress website :

• Selecting correct CMS for different purpose website and making sure it has majority of functionalities built-in.
• Making work plan for every phase of Project Development Life Cycle and follow it strictly.
• Development & design of Ecommerce website on Bigcommerce platform.
• Amazon Brand registration and compliance with Amazon policies.
• Trained with Amazon Riches on FBA stores fulfillment by Amazon.
• Marketing products through Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay, Google Adwords, Yelp, Facebook, etc…
• Developed the front end of websites utilizing HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap and managed design.
• Integrating Paypal with Company website and ------------ with Bigcommerce.
• Design email templates for email campaign.
• Narrow down the active email address and most active email address for newsletters with promotional advertisement.
• Researching most selling product online for product marketing.
• Coordinating best niche keywords with Google Adwords for GEO Google advertising.
• Design banners and modify product pictures.
• Listing the business on various web directories. Such as Google Map, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other business directories.
• Using Google Tag to follow the tread of visitors and constantly modifying website architecture and product placement for sells conversion.
• Creating database bank for Wordpress website for vast search results consisting more than four filters.
• Writing SEO friendly articles for descriptions, pages and titles in tight keyword environment.
• Attending conference and conducting meeting to finding out more ways to market our product online as well as offline.
• Using JavaScript to manipulate data available from BigCommerce to the need.
• Collect the data from different sources as related base for search results.
• Reporting progress report on every work at the end of the work day to CEO and biweekly meeting about the achievements.
• Training and educating the successor about everything from operation pattern to what to do incase of emergency.

Environment: Bigcommerce, Wordpress, Google Keyword Planner, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, Amazon Merchant, Amazon Advertising, MailChamp, OS X, Windows, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe PhotoShop, Google Shopping, Google Map, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MySQL DB, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, Other Frameworks, Cyberduck.

During stay in United States
Feb 2015 to Jan 2016

Couple of freelancing works involving Wordpress theme & plugin, custom CMS, MySQL and SEO from Nepal:

• Development of feeder Wordpress website theme, plugin and widget.
• Development of Wordpress theme with associate plugin.
• Worked with plugin associated with selective data from news, google news, yahoo news, google blog feed, youtube video, flickr pictures and google trending topics rss feeds, bootstrap, angularjs.
• Youtube plugin with custom keyword suggesting with instant video showing in designated space.
• Structuring Mysql database for unicode database.
• Developing Mysql database architecture with optimization of minimum load on database.
• Structuring website for SEO Hummingbird Standard.
• Optimization of websites for all browsers ( e.g. Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari)
• Webmaster work for Software PAD website ------------
• Making mobile theme for websites.
• Google Tag Manager for click tracking.
• Google place local business marketing for better SEO.

Involve in Freelancing for US clients website through some contacts back in Nepal.
• Texas Southwest Real Estate
• Ecommerce Themes
• Study Habit Inventory Project - Jasper County School, Georgia, USA ( Designing to jQuery for Bar Chart Statistics )

Environment: Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Bing Keyword Research Tool, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, Javascript, CSS3, HTML 5, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe flash, Wordpress

Design Planner
Micro Fox Pvt. Ltd. - Kathmandu, Nepal
Jan 2013 to Dec 2014

As design planner and marketer to market IT products and services. Below is a list of projects that I worked on:

• Selection of interactive design and user-friendly front end.
• SEO, SEM, keyword, GEO targeting and market analysis.
• Made recommendations to optimize functionality, site architecture, user interface and navigation.
• Worked closely with the Senior Director of Digital Marketing in the management and development of new functionality and features as well as optimizing existing websites.
• Created and maintained documentation in relation to the website architecture, CMS, third party vendors/software, design, and functionality.
• Was self-disciplined and motivated to be productive during normal business hours as well as work early, late or weekend hours as needed for successful job performance.
• Developed the front end of websites utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS3 and managed design freelancers and contractors.
• Was self-disciplined and motivated to be productive during normal business hours as well as work early, late or weekend hours as needed for successful job performance.
• Acted as the company expert in all forms of CMS technology that was used
• Implemented changes based upon test data supplied by the Senior Ecommerce Manager, or the digital agency based upon their SEO recommendations, optimization for conversions, or responsive design and mobile optimizations
• Advanced the web direct channel by identifying and targeting new opportunities
• Worked closely with the Online team to asses new opportunities for mobile, tablet, booking engine design and initiatives
• Utilized existing web analytics to enhance site navigation, landing pages, product placement and purchase funnel.
• Assessed Ecommerce strengths and weaknesses for each property standalone website and developed action plans to remedy.
• Reviewed SEO, Webmaster tools, Google analytics, and production reports and recommended strategic and/or tactical changes based upon data.
• Managing and running the project.
• Marketing IT products and managing the stock.

Environment: Google Shopping, Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, CMS made Simple, Mura, Magento, Ecommerce CMS, LiteCommerce, b2evolution, Mambo, PHP-Nuke.

Designer and Programmer
Micro Fox Pvt. Ltd.- Kathmandu, Nepal
Sept 2009 to Jan 2013

As Designer and programmer using HTML 5, CSS 3, SQL database programming, php, ajax, VB, jQuery, javascript and XML. Below is a list of projects that I worked on:

• Build and manipulate WordPress websites
• Edit and repurpose WordPress plugins in accordance to customers' needs
• Write and extend WordPress plugins
• Perform quality assurance tests on all web projects
• Perform activities to optimize websites for search engine optimization
• Converting a psd into a wordpress theme.
• Integrating woocommerce.
• Handled link exchanges and content swaps
• Gathered jpegs and took pictures to post on sites
• Developed Wordpress web-site mock-ups for clients to ensure quality control and client satisfaction before project development phase.
• Worked with clients to analyze web application and network needs and build out appropriate solutions within each organization's budget.
• Sales executive Quality assurance management Project
• Worked with local server WAMP/LAMP/XAMP
• Performing the cross-browser coding.
• Creating easy-to-use admin panels for the wordpress themes.
• Writing js (jquery) scripts for themes and plugins.
• Js implementing various effects such as slide effect, fade effect, carousel etc.
• Integrating the blog with social networks such as facebook (login, share, like, posting) and twitter (rss, feed) etc.
• Video and audio adding to blog's pages.
• Font replace systems implementating (cufon, font face).
• Creating the custom widgets such as calendar, events etc.
• Integrating with mailchimp, constant contact etc.
• Transferring the sites to another hosting (another domain).
• Transferring a site db, importing the content from another cms, mysql db.
• Creating architectural design for Website design and Database query design.
• Programing the website and SQL database.
• Creating the architecture for website.
• Creating Dynamic flash design.
• Website security management.
• Implementing online payment system Paypal and 2Checkout.
• Developing Joomla components.

Environment: Windows, OS X 10.x
Software Used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier, Visual Studio, FileZilla, Putty, BackTrack

Network Engineer
Sai International Pvt. Ltd. - Kathmandu, Nepal
Feb 2009 to Aug 2009

As network engineer to design wire and wireless system. Below is a list of interfaces that I worked on and currently working on:

• Programming the router.
• Distributing the IP address and routing.
• Creating FTP and live streaming server.
• Broadcasting IP and CCTV over internet.
• Step-up the security devices.

Environment: Windows server 2008, Linux, Cisco, Linkys, Belkin, TP-link, Linksys
Software Used: CADE

Microsoft Windows XP, ME, 2000 , Windows 98, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 server, Windows Server 2012, OS X 10.x, Linux.
Amazon Riches on FBA stores fulfillment by Amazon, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (70-640) Certified, HTML 5, CSS3, Website designing, PHP, ajax, MySql, C, C++, Java scripting, CCNA, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (70-646, 70-642).
WAMP/LAMP, XAMP, Microsoft Network Monitor, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, CMS made Simple, Mura, Magento, Ecommerce CMS, LiteCommerce, b2evolution, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, Prestashop, Interspire, Havij, Putty.

• Proven ability in designing and creating automation frameworks for J2EE based applications using Java, Selenium WebDriver/IDE/RC, QTP, Quality Center, TestNG.
• Strong knowledge in SDLC, Test Management and Testing Lifecycle Methodologies like Agile Models, Waterfall Model, Rational Unified Process (RUP).
• Well knowledge in designing Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Test Scripts and Test reports of manual and automated tests.
• Understand Unit testing, Functional testing, User Acceptance Testing, Integration testing, System testing, Performance testing, Sanity testing, Exception testing, Compatibility testing & Security testing of client/server.
• Familiar with using Web-debugging tool like FirePath and Firebug for finding elements locator.
• Good analytical and communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and also perform as part of a team.
• Highly motivated team player with analytical, organizational and technical skills, unique ability to adapt quickly to challenges and changing environment.
• Excellent interpersonal skills, proven team player with an analytical bent to problem solving and delivering under high stress environment.

Webmaster, Jan 2016 – Dec 2016
• Creating SEO friendly standard website templates.
• Using HTML & CSS architecture at it’s best and using less JavaScript as possible to make website search engine friendly..
• Modifying images according to SEO friendly names, size, dimensions and comments properties.
• Making sure SEO friendly tags are present on every links, tabs and images.
• Designing MySql for smooth use and faster browsing.
• Creating SEO Friendly PDF Specs for online and offline product promotion.
• Alter rightfully as much as possible on similar product description on website.
• Use keyword planner write and describe products in Amazon and Ebay of eCommerce.
• Creating PDF version of email templates for promotional attachments.

Worked on

Freelancer, Feb 2015 – Jan 2016
• Defining HTML5 tags and website architecture in right position according to the Google standard.
• Using less CSS3 and jQuery for SEO friendly web design without compromising magnificent design.
• Zeroing in Simple and attractive design.
• Generating XML product feed for enlisting product into Google market and Ebay.
• Designing MySql for smooth use and faster browsing.
• Tagging images and videos with right SEO friendly file name extensions, title and alt.
• SEO rich contents with every bit of tags defined in it.
• Using Google keyword planner for search engine optimization.

Design Planner/ Designer and Programmer, Jun 2010 – Dec 2014
• Using for Interspire, Magento, Joomla for IT and other daily items e-commerce.
• Used Google Adsence, Adwords and keyword planner extensively for marketing.
• Designing banners images/flash for marketing.
• Designing and using hands out and banners as advertisement for products in fest and fairs.
• Tuning up XML feed for news and product updates.
• Blogging about the product in different medias for extensive online marketing.
• Creating and distributing ebooks and pdf documents for links back and online advertising on Google doc and scribd.
• Preparing videos for Youtube & Dailymotion marketing.
• Exploring 3rd party news and fashion website for affordable PPC & PPV to build up the brand and increase the sales.
• Submitting websites to directories for broader SEO coverage.
• Developing customized, highly focused and wow designs for email marketing.
• Building up the email list from subscribe widget in website.
• Placing social sharing media like facbook share/likes, reddit, stumbleupon, share email, etc.. for more social media coverage and eventually SEO friendly.
• Designing attractive website with versatile and easy to change out look for little changes for visitors and users.
• Adding up new module and functionality in every Sprint.
• Testing the website for loading time and kilobits it takes to loadup.
• Customizing wordpress, joomla and any other website front end designs from Photoshop, illustrator to HTML5 with CSS3 and jQuery finite design.
• Using AWS, Youtube, Google Blogpost, Google news, Flickr, Google trend, Tweeter, etc.. API feeds for plugins and product development.
• Using server side corn job to initiate on time statics updates.
• Using Piwi, Google and Sitemeter web analytics for GEO keyword targeting. And analyzing key visitors areas with optimizing plan to cover-up more grounds on determined niches.
• Sneak into rival visitor source and optimizing our product to surpass theirs performance.
• Explore and lookout for other targeted source of visitors and potential customers.
• Getting track to users in website and theirs conversion to the service or products.
• Setting payment system for all type of visitors.
• Managing delivery of product to customer at given time.
• Comparing price in market for similar or same product.
• Optimizing and developing mobile version of front end for website.
• Keep track of most clicked and roaming area of customer cursor.
• Embedding 3rd party feed and products to the website.
• Developing playful script for visitors to increase time in the website.
• Mail campaign for customer and subscriber about new product, news and updates using Mailchamp, PhpList and other Desktop applications.
• Implementing SSL certification for ecommerce website.
• Distributing free template and other stuffs for more inbound quality links.

Worked on


B.Tech in IT, Bangalore University, India

References will be provided upon request.

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