Romy Wilson
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Location: Liverpool, UK
School: lLverpool John Moores University
Field of Study: Journalism

Romy Wilson

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A creative, passionate and friendly undergraduate journalism student, with writing, social media and broadcast experience. Through my work experience and degree studies I have developed excellent skills in writing and communications.

I am looking to secure a placement where I can gain valid work experience in the field of journalism or public relations, by assisting an employee and working as part of a team.

Liverpool John Moores University | Second year | 2019 - 2021
• Journalism BA (Hons) First year grade: 2:1 / Second year grade: 2:1
• Modules: PUBLIC RELATIONS (Currently studying) Digital marketing google course (currently studying) Public affairs exam (71%) Reporting politics essay (72%) Newsday assessment (70%)
• Hyperlocal website (64%) a group constructed website- I wrote a number of originally sourced stories from the local area, and produced various types of multi-media for the website.
Relevant experience
• Worked on live news days producing content for Mersey Focus, in a variety of roles in which I produced a range of content for a number of platforms: TV, radio and online. I excelled in a range of skills such as interviewing, finding original stories, securing interviews, working independently and in a team.
• I thrived in working within a range of roles, such as an editor for online content, presenting for our TV and radio bulletins, reporting of my own sourced stories, working on planning stories, managing the social media accounts, making sure headlines were enticing. Our online site received almost 600 views on the day that I managed the social media platforms.
• Through this I found that I was passionate for the investigative stories which required more time and research than others.
Skills & Abilities

• I have excellent verbal and writing skills, and I pride myself on my ability to adapt my writing style and tone effectively for my audience. I have produced a range of written pieces such as weekly news blogs, including a variety of content such as a backgrounder on poverty, a feature on a world food supermarket. As editor of the live news day communication was key in terms of managing my team. I have also received voice training for radio which I developed an understanding for using my voice box effectively, and I have worked on the University radio which has enhanced my knowledge on a casual tone used on some radio shows.
• I am a committed and hard-working team player who can work independently on tasks. Being responsible for a team while I was working as editor meant that having regular meetings kept everyone up to date, while I also worked through my own list of tasks. I have worked in various part-time positions that have required me to work efficiently in a team while dealing with customer enquiries and helping colleagues out when they needed me to.
• My university degree has excelled my skills of working under a constrained time frame, from submitting academic deadlines to creating content for deadlines during the news days and for our local website. My experience in admin work developed my time management where I was responsible for managing timetables, and my ability to absorb information quickly.
• I am confident with using a professional camera and video camera (Panasonic AC 90) and a zoom recorder. I am proficient in using Tweetdeck, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Audition, Lightroom, Burli and Microsoft Office Software. I problem solve when I face a difficulty technically.
• Strong social media skills, especially in using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube which I use regularly for personal and professional purposes to boost content I have produced.

• I am an inquisitive, motivated and task focused worker, I have used my strong research skills in various instances. For my academic essay’s I always explore a range of sources to grasp the most expansive understanding of the topic. When producing content, I find it crucial to go back to the original source to test its reliability.
While completing a similar role for all organisations I provided administrative support by– photocopying and filing documents. I was responsible for booking rooms and managing the offices timetable. I answered telephone enquiries and made appointments for advisors. I input information onto the database and I created promotional material such as information sheets for workshops using MS publisher, MS word and MS PowerPoint.

I have worked in a variety of waitressing positions over the last few years and these roles have enhanced my communication and customer service skills from talking and working with a wide range of people.
I am passionate about current affairs and investigative journalism as well as being interested in social media management and a career in public relations. I have a passion for reading and writing and enjoy listening to a variety of podcasts with topics ranging from news and politics to comedic ones. Being interested in current affairs means I keep up to date with the latest political debates and humanitarian issues.


Shirley Lewis (Personal tutor)
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