Valeria Diaz Ruiz
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Location: Miami, FL, USA
School: University of Miami
Field of study: Art History, French, Biology

Valeria Diaz Ruiz

Valeria Díaz Ruiz

Miami, FL
Personal Statement: Multilingual student seeking a position in the art industry that will provide the opportunity to expand knowledge and sharpen skills through observation and hands on experience. Eager to apply exceptional interpersonal, communication, and organization skills to achieve best results in company goals. Strong affinity for the arts, avid supporter of local cultural organizations.
Spanish: Native
French: Highly Proficient
English: Highly Proficient
Commit to deliver results with excellent quality and punctuality.
Adapt to work in teams or individually and under diverse conditions.
Relate and establish positive relationships with others through active listening and clear communication.
Certificate of Achievement: Tangible Things: Curation and museum studies from artistic, sociological, and scientific perspectives.
French Ministry of Education
Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle: Customer consulting and sales.
University of Miami: Bachelor of Arts in Art History, French, and Biology.
Expected 05/2022
Intern at the Museum of Graffiti
Outreach, client and artwork data collection and input.Responsible for organizing both museum inventory and inputting collected data into the museum's adequate databases
Closely evaluated artifacts, documenting characteristics, measurements and cultural importance of each piece
Offered friendly and efficient service to all museum guests and customers, handled challenging situations with ease
CK Outreach Committee
2021 outreach committee, community engagement
Member of the 2020 Programming Committee for planning and carrying out camp activities in an online format, as well as managing and distributing resources needed to participate.
Guest welcoming team member and donor table hostess for the 2020 charity gala where the $40,000 goal was surpassed.
Member of the 2019 Volunteering Committee, participating in street collections and fundraising campaigns.
UN World Food Program, STM Ambassador
Raise world hunger awareness through community engagement opportunities through email distribution and social media promotion of the "Share the Meal" application.
Sponsor outreach and fundraising event planning, 543 meals donated in the Fall 2020 semester.