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Location: San Jose, CA, USA
School: United States Navy
Field of Study: Advanced Electronics/Electricity

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Troy Wilson
aka James Troy Wilson
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•Main objective: a career in a meaningful field within company that supports and encourages further education and advancement.
•General objective: to reach full potential as positive contributor in a fulfilling field and capacity with company prone to mutuality and reciprocity.
•Specific objective: Inside wireman position is favored, but other offers will be considered!
•Overall objective, all other matters notwithstanding: invest most heavily into the futures of my young-adult children - their higher education - one of whom is at UC SANTA CRUZ

PERSPECTIVE is toward honesty, integrity, quality, durable results, customer satisfaction, compassion and, often, charity. I’m looking for a career: had been considering a license to contract as an electrician or general contractor, but there are some hurdles. I rather favor the idea of working within an established company where I can be of service and enjoy some stability.
Please consider me the right candidate.

I just recently completed a three-week temporary assignment through Workyard as inside wireman for GT Jordan Electric at a commercial property in Milpitas. More about this below in this section.*

Most recently these fresh installs: main/sub panel upgrades, generator panel, LED drivers, RING floodlight cameras and switches in new locations, 3-way and four-way switches; also retrofits such as ballast-bypass LED tubes, dimmers, recessed lights (fresh and retro), the gamut.

Much experience as residential electrician, easily four years within the last ten. Recently was the lead electrician, plumber and carpenter for an electrical overhaul and three-bath/laundry room remodel, which required a main subpanel change and reconfiguration of wiring to bathrooms and laundry room for code compliance, which I did myself, as well as changing the main switch at the meter, which happened to fail in the middle of the night shortly before city inspection. That required immediate attention and temporary removal of the meter. The property owner ordered ceiling lighting and switches installed in every room of the house, which had almost none prior, to include 30 recessed lamps total. Due to new codes and AFCI requirements, a new sub panel was required since the other was too small for the number of existing circuits and more circuits were being added. The owner purchased a Square D main panel to be used as a sub panel - I learned more about equipment ground and how bonding to neutral is to occur only at main panel at point closest to service entrance (not at the sub) in order to protect the house in case of electrical overload - otherwise ground wires become essentially neutral line conductors and defeat the benefit and path of real ground.
“Ground” is an engineering subject of common misunderstanding and area of potentially fatal errors. There are variables to consider: whether to ground equipment or not, such as generators located outdoors, for instance, to protect equipment against lighting or other overload, when doing so risks potential hazard for the operator, since the human can become part of the circuit in damp grass, for instance, when the generator is actually bonded to ground. The purpose of ground is to prevent fires with protection of the circuit against lightning or other power overload to give an alternate return path to the source when neutral conductor reaches limit and becomes maximum resistance to over-current. Benefits of ground include protecting humans locally with AFCIs and GFCIs - but ground also becomes a hazard in the case when it becomes the conductive path, especially when humans can accidentally become the conductor when neutral is open and surfaces grounded are commonly in contact or close proximity of human skin.
For example: “bootleg ground.” I worked for an apartment complex and found “bootleg ground” on virtually every outlet in both buildings. Whoever made that connection clearly does not understand the potential hazards of connecting the ground terminal to the neutral terminal of an outlet receptacle of a live circuit. I mentioned it to the owner, a former civil engineer, who was unwilling to accept the fact that bootleg ground defeats the benefits of ground and makes everything grounded/“green” a potential neutral conductor, possibly including the chassis of any appliance in that circuit, especially in the case where neutral is lost/open or reaches load limit.

*PREFER COMMERCIAL (inside wireman) though, and learned very much in just three weeks of being a part of a fast-paced crew. Formed and installed EMT, MC, luminaire, straps, magnetic switch starters, made all connections, did troubleshooting, shot wires - even disassembled/cleaned/reassembled the hardly-functioning wire gun which, until I decided to service it, had been missing a ball bearing. The spring was there without the ball. So, within 10 minutes I replaced it with a part I fabricated from a screw, then cleaned, oiled and reassembled the entire gun. Now the gun is working so well that the notion to find a replacement ball bearing was abandoned. My military and locksmithing experiences came in handy!

Not officially journeyman but I’ve got a lot of experience and can work unsupervised when I’m given code, instruction and have the parts. Have most tools needed for expediency. I will buy and upgrade my tools as necessary.

Workyard was paying me $38/hr (“$38-48” is what they advertised). I have been getting $75-95/hr for electrical work comes to me as a handyman ($50/hr for everything else). The thing is that I need to simply, focus on one trade within a company and the benefits. Let’s face it - there is a cost in providing service. On my own without licensure, I'm working at cost/wholesale, l which is a grind.l, not at all profitable considering the cost of living in this area and the cost of doing business.

The state’s $500 non-licensed contract limit for both time and materials may as well be $1 these days. I could get a GC license but I’ve already done twenty years the hard way. I’ve become an expert problem solver but I’m horrible at negotiating. I believe I can do twenty years as inside wireman and am willing to enroll in school, of course.

July 1992-present day
Craftsman, construction repair lead, maintenance manager, handyman, locksmith

Nov 2019-present: craftsman for HANDYMAN CONNECTION OF MOUNTAIN VIEW, (a franchisee and General Contractor): mostly as an electrician, plumber, carpenter, remodel bathrooms, kitchens, solving problems with durable, professional results according to code and with permits where applicable.
Notable accomplishments include foreman position for a three bath and laundry room remodel and, primarily, the personal electrical overhaul required due to addition of new recessed lighting installations added to every room of the house, resulting in the need to change the entire main power switch and subpanel, plus all AFCI breakers, and new heavier wiring to bathrooms with separate breakers to isolate bathrooms and laundry power according to newer building code, and dual-pole breakers to correct certain code violations where line power had split from its neutral wire.
Also personally made adjustments to copper and ABS plumbing according to code and design plans, changed shower pans, completed all demolition personally and in record time. This job represents the largest ever completed under my employing general contractor to date. It was severely underbidded by someone else but given to me from start to finish: job was completed within budget and to the owner’s happy satisfaction. Though the owner lives in Taiwan, we stay in contact. The house itself is currently valued at $3M and is generating $8K/mo rent.

Aug 2017-Mar 2019 managed maintenance and repairs for two ten-unit buildings prior to sale: major rehab of dry rotted balcony subfloors, repaired withsteel reinforcements integrating with the stanchions and handrails, and with layers of flashing components, as well as providing a cement board foundation solution for permanent walkway along two additional lengths of elevated walkway balconies made originally of pressure treated decking material which began to rot under the painted surfaces for lack of flashing in key areas; many repairs and improvements to those lengths of balconies, including leveling and correction of step height, which exceeded legal limits of size and uniformity; found and corrected electrical hazards (“bootleg ground”); appliance repairs; found, diagnosed and fixed about a dozen leaks in galvanized hot water recirculating pipes caused by condensation trapped by fitted foam insulation; replaced and corrected wiring for recirculation pumps, timers and override switches; found and repaired rust-eaten wrought iron handrail/stairwell/stanchion with rust converter and special hydraulic cement; also roof repairs, flat roof repairs, concrete and asphalt repair/ resurface, interior painting, baseboard and crown molding replacements, smoke detector/carbon monoxide units, subfloor repair, toilet flange repair, apartment turnovers, general clean up and maintenance, administered the smart-irrigation system and other automated planter drip watering systems, exterior painting, stucco, cement, asphalt repairs and resurfacing; shower door install, shower mixing valve replace prior to finish tiling; sump pump, dehumidifiers installed below to dry the lake found under one building and to protect foundation primarily, also residential foundation adjustments in crawl space using screw jacks, cedar shims, line levels, laser levels, braces, new additional pads, joists and pier posts to distribute and support the structures weight more easily.

Nov 2015 - present
The Handyman Homeowners Trust
Covering a broad range of residential and commercial services, installations and all types of repairs: electrical, plumbing,

My list of facilities and construction experiences began in 1992, after earning certificates of training in USNAVY advanced electronics, calibrations and metrology. Immediately after serving during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, I started at an office assembling furniture and selling their online mortgage document services “switching hats" between the two roles of workstation furniture assembly/workstation relocation and inside salesman, then wound up staying for a couple years "switching hats" as facilities maintenance manager (under the President and CEO) and inside sales executive (under VP and head of the online mortgage document service).

Before entering the USNAVY, I worked in cleanrooms for Toshiba making computer chips. Prior to that I worked for Varian making the gallium arsenide wafers for two versions of night-vision goggles for the military, a cyclops-mono type for ground personnel and a stereopticon type for helicopter pilots and crew.
In the years prior to that I worked in very busy one-hour photo development labs in Eastridge, Valley Fair and Valco malls, as well as the popular Photo Drive-Up kiosks. My first job was at Great America in the games department, wearing boldly colored nickers, argyle socks and a cangol cap.

*Have also worked at various sales positions, regrettably: a misfortunate byproduct of capitalism is fraud, which is unsustainable, counterproductive and ruinous, but also prevalent now in all aspects of commerce and politics, evidenced by the facts, and engaged in by sales management I’ve experienced. Either the dangling “karat” was reached in each case but never given in kind, or management encouraged fraud in desperation, which makes sales a hateful subject and arena I aim to avoid, its history I’m happy to forget. (If you must know of the companies I held sales positions in: Contour Software’s Contour Document Service, Anderson Chevrolet, Alien Golf Clubs, Rainmaker Systems, McDuff Electronics, Property Minder.) (From what I’ve seen over the years, fraud has increased, unfortunately - not by everyone nor every company - to the point that we are all affected negatively, yet will run its course, find its place in history, and serve as a lesson to humanity.)

List of abilities has grown to include workforce management, writing skills, language skills, computer skills, closing skills, people skills and a wide variety of trade skills and personal proficiencies.

ELECTRICIAN: recently changed an entire electrical breaker panel, AFCI breakers, main breaker; removed/replaced meter to change out the main breaker, and reconfigured several circuits for newer code compliance, installed recessed lighting in every room of the house; recently integrated a transfer switch panel with breaker panel for a power generator; completed many repairs and new wiring installations for all sorts of appliances (120vac and 240vac); troubleshooting faults open/short using testers, meters, Fluke fox & hound , 120vac, 240vac, low-voltage direct current (DC); transformers, ballast bypass LED tubes, Lots of whole-house fans and attic fans (roof, gable) installations successfully completed and optimized..
whole-house/attic/ gable/roof/ceiling fans, window-mount AC; change-out breaker switches, the old screw-in fuses, knob-and-tube circuit systems; bend and assemble conduit, raceway, Romex 14, 12, 10, 8AWG; complex array of fuses; low voltage 18AWG 18/5, CAT5 and WIFI, phone line repair, transformer replacement (furnace, doorbell), doorbell repair, furnace repair, surveillance cameras repair and install, hardwire RING and ANKER unit at front door, appliance repairs, electrical component failures found/fixed, freezers, refrigerators, dishwasher control board, range elements, washing machine lid switch repairs, sensors, etc;

LOCKSMITH AND SAFE TECHNICIAN: electronic access systems; security cameras, hardware, systems; lots of work in banks, vaults, cash drawers, drive-up window servicing and repairs, vacuum transfer tubes service and repair; Bank Relication: moving bank safes and safe-deposit boxes; forced open safe-deposit box (open and repair at large banks; drove the flatbed bobtail truck with a twelve-ton hydraulic hoist and loaded up with safes, pallet jacks and other equipment, including in-use safe deposit boxes for bank relocations throughout California.
Mobile locksmith: home/auto/business lockouts/key changes, repairs and installations, MASTERKEY systems administrator at major retail chains; panic and emergency egress hardware install/repair;, emergency board-up and door replacements for break-ins.

HVAC: some experience with repair and maintenance, mostly furnaces, some AC. Understand refrigeration process and events; troubleshoot for faults; repair by cleaning and service of unit and replacing faulty component; sweat/copper.

PLUMBER: copper, threaded brass, galvanized, PVC, ABS, PEX; cutting, threading, unions, compression couplings, Dresser couplingr, emperature limiting valve, ball valves, gate valves, strainers, check valves and temp gauge;
clearing clogs- chemical, snake, water pressure bladder blaster, plunge, vacuum plunge, replace sacrificial anodes, troubleshoot/replace gas/spark/ thermocouple/valve/ sensor switches, solenoid for water heater and furnace, replace water heaters of all sizes, install water softener, garbage disposal, recirculation pumps, WiFi timers, override switches, irrigation controls and solenoid valves/ sprinklers, shark-bite fittings, primer, adhesives, ReverseOsmosis filtration systems; diagnose failures, rebuild valves/ cartridges, re-pressurize tanks;, replace toilets, repair toilet flange, repair ABS, repair rotted
subfloor around flange, lay new vinyl, replace shower valve body/mixer, bathtub, bath drain, sinks, p traps, every sort of leak, bidet installs, inlet valve towers, flappers, tank bolts, no-wax rings, tree root blockages, valves, valve seats/ washers/rings and seals, water hammer, water heater maintenance.
CARPENTER: foundation leveling, framing, expertise in door repair and replace, dry rot and wall repair, roof leak repair, repair/ rejuvenate/restore redwood and Ipe decks, baseboard, crown moulding, wall frame-to-finish “new”room, cut wall and install header frame for new door/ window install, wainscot, dry wall, plaster, acoustical ceilings experience,

•rodent abatement
•tree planting, tree and stump remove/ trim
•stucco/asphalt/ concrete repair and resurface;
•grout/caulking repair/ replace;
•gutter clean, picture hang,odd jobs
•painting, mainly interior
•cedar shake/shingles, roof/siding rejuvenation - from cupping/crowning shake/
shingles to beautiful/ healthy new lease on lifewith Armstrong-Clark transparent and semi-transparent wood stains: renew old roof and make it last indefinitely with ongoing triennial maintenance = saves tens of $thousands •four year guaranteed warranty for everything I do. I almost never have needed to do warranty work. I’ve enjoyed an A- overall rating with Angie’s List for several years.

Haiku called “Truth”
Faithful judge o'er all,
O' supreme authority,
“Truth,” is thy hallow’d name.

Troy Wilson

Electrician, experienced, valuable, immediate, management, interpersonal, multi-talented,