Stephen Thomas Resume
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Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA
School: Colorado State University
Field of study: Toxicology

Stephen Thomas Resume

Stephen Thomas
924 Mt. Shavano Ave. Severance, Co 80550 ------------ ------------
• Reputation of exceptional communication and collaboration with team members and professional staff
• Working knowledge of Agilent LC-MS system and Agilent Masshunter Acquisition, Qualitative, Quantitative and Optimization software
• Highly motivated, organized and self-sufficient in both laboratory spaces and customer interaction
• Adaptable to shifts in workplace missions

Colorado State University, Warner College of Natural Sciences 5/2019
Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Present
Master’s of Science in Toxicology

Colorado State University 06/2020 Practical Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry training (40 hours) -Supervised by Dr. Greg Dooley
• Employed use of Masshunter Acquisition tune mode to evaluate system accuracy compared to industry standards
• Created optimized liquid chromatography procedures to gain base line resolution within ideal run times
• Created Mass Spectrometer optimization procedures to minimize source use
• Utilized Masshunter Qualitative software in optimization of both LC and MS procedures
• Utilization of Masshunter Quantitative software to report compounds of interest using industry standard criteria
• Performed maintenance on Agilent system to identify and fix leaks and plugs

Kroger Pharmacy 10/2019 – 10/2020
Pharmacy Technician
• Accurately and efficiently input prescription information into pharmacy software calculating correct dosage and day supply information
• Input of patient insurance information and resolve adjudication errors
• Swiftly dispense patient medication into bottles with labels using two factor recognition utilizing NDC and product name to reduce errors
• Politely greet and gather patient prescriptions for purchase while abiding by all HIPPA laws
• Knowledge of generic and name brand drugs and indications for commonly used medications
• Ability to prioritize tasks based on workflow changes
• Maintaining clean and organized work stations and product shelves optimizing inventory levels and reducing overhead costs
• Maintain pharmacy records in compliance with the board of pharmacy and federal law

Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital 8/2017- present Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Assistant
• Ensure patient safety while under sedation by monitoring vitals during radiographs and ultrasound procedures
• Ensure veterinarian safety by properly restraining patients for ultrasound and radiology procedures
• Position animals properly for radiological studies for radiologist approval
• Aid in Nuclear Medicine Tc-99 studies in equine patients to obtain proper imaging results for radiologist approval and interpretation
• Concise and professional communication skills in locating, retrieving, and coordinating patients for various procedures within radiology, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine within the CSU veterinary teaching hospital
• Image processing of nuclear medicine acquisitions for proper radiologist review due to changing workplace demands

40 hours -Practical Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry training – Dr. Greg Dooley
Radiation health and safety Colorado State University RCO – Module 0,1,2,4 ( handling radioactive specimen, perform area wipes, radiation cleanup)
ASBMB – ethics and conduct course through Colorado State University Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department

Greg Dooley Environmental and Radiological Health Science Associate Professor, ------------
David P. Pharmasist King Soopers JFK Parkway,------------
Lonna Jenson, CSU Lead Radiology Technician, ------------