Seasonal sales
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Location: Mesa, AZ, USA
School: Grand Canyon University
Field of study: Psychology

Seasonal sales

6045 E Billings St.
Mesa, AZ 85205123
Makyla Saulsberry

Customer service and sales.
Communications of clarity, consistency, and connections with others.
Listening, empathy and respect.
Operate well in a group setting in a workplace to effectively and quickly accomplish tasks.
Leading others.
Zumiez, Orange, CA, The outlet of Orange — Seasonal sales
3 months- depart from do to moving.
Meet, know and exceed the customer’s expectations through a great selling experience.
Evaluate the customer and value their time while finding out a fun fact about every customer that I greet.
Engaging with customers on preferred channels by creating conversations and relating with each customer during an interaction.
Learning three things about the customer before bringing up the Zumiez’s brand.
Zumiez, Mesa, AZ, Superstition Mall- seasonal sales
Folding clothes, organizing each clothing brand in my area while keeping my area clean.
Identifying needs and wants to help meet the customer’s expectations.
Educate to empower or establish credibility and inform the customer about products.
Pitching similar items and products to get the product into the customer’s hand, and offering similar items by showing the customer as many items in the specific brand, color and material they request
Building a trusted relationship with the customer.
Katella High School, Anaheim, CA— Diploma
Aug.8,2015- May.21,2020
2 years in the AVID program.
Played high school softball all 4 years and became the varsity captain my senior year.
Played volleyball for 2 years.
President of the BSU club ( Black Student Union).
Was a part of Jesus club.
Honors Biology and AP Lang.
Graduated with a 3.5 Gpa

Received the scholar athlete award all 4 years.
Received “Most valuable player” award.
Academic scholarship to GCU