Script Coverage/ Writer
Kinesiology, Chiropractic
Location: Boulder, CO, USA
School: LifeWest
Major: Kinesiology, Chiropractic

Script Coverage/ Writer

My goal is to work as a script reader for a production company.

My experience includes:

Hollywood Gatekeepers/ Screenreaders course with Carolyn Carpenter.

Coaches and Consultants Course – Hollywood Screenreaders

Reader for Austin Film Festival and Nashville Film Festival.

Script coverage consulting services.

Mentorship with Scott Parisien - Scriptreaderpro

Participant in multiple Screenwriting competitions.
• NYC Midnight short screenplay/ screenplay contest (2017-2019)
• Script entry into Script Pipeline TV Writing contest (2019)
• Script entry into Big Break (2019)
• Script Entry into Wescreenplay (2018)

I am open to all genres but primarily focus on Sci-Fi, Drama and Action/Adventure.

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