Rhythm E Badal
Economics & Studio Art
Location: Winston-Salem, NC, USA
School: Wake Forest University
Field of Study: Economics & Studio Art

Rhythm E Badal

UNDERWRITING & MARKETING INTERN | New Mexico Mutual Insurance | Albuquerque NM
- Evaluated risk by analyzing financial statements, medical claims, class codes, and premium rates for
companies seeking workers compensation.
- Filed claims, audits, and safety reports for more than 1000 policyholders and reengineered their document
tracking system.
- Developed the “Welcome Packet Project,” a marketing strategy to educate policyholders on their benefits
through print and electronic communications.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT INTERN | Winston-Starts | Winston-Salem, NC
- Lead artist and manager for Art-Starts; an annual project to paint two 11ft x 20ft murals.
- Conceptualized, developed and presented designs to stakeholders and board members.
- Mobilized and managed a team of ten student artists to execute the project within the two-week deadline.
- Managed expenses and negotiated in-kind sponsorships to ensure the project was completed within budget.

MARKETING INTERN | Prado Museum | Madrid, Spain
- Created and launched the first international patron social media strategy to build community and awareness on museum events and exhibitions.
- Responsible for writing, translating and editing newsletters, museum updates, and patron communications.
- Led weekly tours through the Prado museum, with a particular focus on the bicentennial exhibit, “El Retiro.”
- Planned logistics for the museum's annual fundraiser by mailing invitations, contacting sponsors, and organizing the event calendar.

FREELANCE DESIGNER | Rhythm Badal Creative Solutions
- Design innovative logos for companies throughout the South and Southwest.
- Contracted to paint a 10ft x 20ft mural to promote photo tagging for a brewery in Winston-Salem.
- Acknowledged by WFDD radio station for “Jukebox Therapy” installation, a platform for the community to add songs to a collaborative, public playlist.

CUSTOMER SERVICE | Campus Gas | Winston-Salem, NC
- One of the first employees hired to open a local brewery and maintained a position while enrolled as a full-time student and one of the first employees hired.
- Responsible for training new employees to ensure their easy transition to the fast-paced work environment

Creative Problem Solver, Analytical, Graphic Designer