Resume - Saije Dann
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Location: Chicago, IL, USA
School: Columbia College Chicago
Field of study: Music Technology

Resume - Saije Dann


I am a college student looking for a part-time position with an organization that values hard work, collaboration, and a positive environment. With four years of experience in customer service, I believe one of my most valuable qualities is the ability to add to a positive work environment and interact happily with coworkers and customers. I am a self-starter and enjoy being a motivator for others. I believe a great place to work is built upon people connecting and collaborating to make things happen.


The Juice Truck; Vancouver, BC, Canada — Juicer
Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
Note: Left job to return to US before closing of border due to COVID-19
~ At the Juice Truck my main job was to provide excellent customer service and health knowledge to guests. I enjoyed getting to know the regulars from the neighborhood and working in an environment focused on well-being and cleanliness.
~ Daily tasks included washing and preparing fruits and vegetables, fulfilling purchases, making juices and smoothies to order, as well as regular household cleaning duties.

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters; Vancouver, BC, Canada — Barista
Feb 2019 - Jan 2020
~ At JJ Bean my main duties consist largely of providing exceptional customer service. This included getting to know the neighborhood regulars and creating an overall positive atmosphere for guests.
~ My other jobs included food preparation (such as baking), making cafe drinks to order, which was on a knowledge-based promotion, as well as regular housekeeping and sanitizing.
~ Safe and sanitary food handling was also important as we had both ready-made and grilled food options.

Starbucks; Champlin, MN - Port Moody, BC, Canada — Barista
Aug 2016 - Feb 2019
~ As a Starbucks barista it was my job to provide good customer service in a fast-paced work environment. It was important for us to create a positive, welcoming environment for customers.
~ Tasks also included making cafe drinks to order, preparing food, and general cleaning duties throughout the store.

Patterson Thuente IP; Minneapolis, MN — Administrative Assistant
June 2016 - Sept 2016
~ As a summer intern, it was my job to fulfill the needs and projects of lawyers and other support staff members.
~ This job largely included miscellaneous office tasks such as filing, data entry, creating folders/client gifts for marketing purposes, editing monthly newsletters, proofreading, reception, etc.


Company Video Production — Patterson Thuente IP
Nov-Dec 2020
I was contracted to produce and edit the Patterson Thuente video holiday card for 2020. I utilized the material and notes I was given to create a composition using video editing software, which was edited in collaboration with the firm’s marketing team.

Online Upcycle Shop
Nov 2020 - Present
I run a small, online upcycling business where I repurpose vintage denim and bottoms. I do mostly alterations, as well as working other fabrics to create my own pieces. I enjoy sewing in my free time, as well as going to the thrift store, so this gives me an outlet to continue pursuing that hobby.
Depop: @babybullrider


Columbia College Chicago; Chicago, IL — Current student
Sept 2020 - Present
I’m currently a first year transfer student at Columbia. I’m studying full-time to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology. I’m studying areas such as audio electronics, electroacoustic sound mixing and producing, as well as programming - mostly in C#, with some work in HTML and CSS.

Simon Fraser University; Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sept 2018 - April 2020
I was a full-time international student with an intended major of conservation. This degree involved study in areas such as biology, as well as wildlife and environmental science. A year into this program I began taking sound courses offered by the University and decided to transition to a new area of study.

Champlin Park High School; Brooklyn Park, MN — Diploma
Sept 2014 - May 2018
Through high school I did extracurricular activities such as Cross Country running, Student Council, Jazz Band, and Theatre. I also received an International Baccalaureate certificate for my IB work in grades 11 and 12.