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Location: Boise, ID, USA
School: Boise State University
Field of Study: Biomolecular Sciences


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Researcher, Depart. of Biomolecular Sciences, Boise State University. Salary $25,000/yr August 2018-Present
• Lead several biochemistry and molecular biology research projects; makes executive decisions on project direction through data analysis; avoiding faulty tests and lost research time
• Authored 4 Grant proposals; proposed research designs, timelines and spending plans
• Presenter at North American Vascular Biology Organization Symposium; research findings positively received
• Manage laboratory’s weekly research meetings; isolate issues, discover opportunities and promote effectiveness
• Depart. diplomat; builds strong relationships with other universities – better info exchanges and faster troubleshooting
• Adept in primary literature searches, staying up to date on current research in the field
• Teaming expert; collaborative environment promotes graduates and undergraduates openly sharing data analysis and experimental design – all parties, research and university get effective and efficiency benefits
Faculty (Undergraduate), Depart. of Chemistry, Boise State University. August 2018-May 2020
• Lead teaching assistant - taught 4 semesters of chemistry 101 lab class to Boise State undergraduate students
• Presented weekly lectures, demonstrated experimental techniques, graded assignments
• Delivered course curriculum and assessments, conducted weekly office hours, provided 1 on 1 student counseling
Researcher. Depart. of Biochemistry. Purdue University. Salary $5,500/yr May 2014-May 2018
• Dominant genetics and epigenetics researcher; unique multifaceted experience with zebrafish, arabidopsis, and drosophila model organisms – sought by other departments and researchers for expertise
• Won multi-year grants, secured $10k from Purdue Cancer Center and College of Agriculture
• Depart. lead trainer for undergraduate students in genetic research techniques; research results improved
• Presented CRiSPR research at departmental symposium; accolades on presentation and research
• Biochemistry human resource advocate; as Depart. ambassador increased candidate admissions
• STEM spokesperson; managed organizational outreach, engaged youth age 4-10 on scientific principles
• Led 15 new students on foreign student diversity and inclusion; increased student and university performance
• Maintained public laboratory wiki page with research techniques and protocols

• Boise State University, Master of Science Biomolecular Sciences , GPA 3.9 December 2020
• Responsible Conduct of Research Certified by The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative May 2019
• Purdue University, Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, GPA 3.4 May 2018

• Sorlien E., Witucki M., Ogas J., Efficient Production and Identification of CRISPR/Cas9-Generated Gene Knockouts in the Model System Danio Rerio. Jove (2017)

• Microsoft Office Suite (10 years), Google Suite (7 years), Mendeley Reference Management Software (3 years)
SPSS (2 years), Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom) (2 years), Zoom (1 year)
• Strong written and oral communication; authored papers, collaborated on grant proposals and presented research results for senior leaders
• Succeeds in teaming; used diversity and inclusion to open cross-talk between different model organism teams to expand member’s and team’s performance
• Experienced fundraiser; organized events for Purdue University Biochemistry Club, responsible for taking minutes at quarterly meetings.
• Highly adaptable, creative, quick learner, ability to multi-task and problem solve