resume 6.
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Location: Katy, TX, USA
School: Lone Star College
Field of study: N/A

resume 6.

Andres Salgado
Katy, Tx 77449
Computer Skills
● Adobe Premiere
● Adobe Animate
● Powerpoint
● word
Work History
FeDex Ground, 8787 W Grand Parkway N
● Part time Package Handler
Experienced in
Fast paced work Environments
Working in Teams/Partners
Organizing Packages
● Sketch/Drawing/Painting
● Editing
● Screenwriter
● Cinematography/Camera equipment
● Graphic Design
● Sound Design
What i'm about
I am a Hardworker. I am committed to get the job done as soon as possible. I speak english
And spanish. I have a flexible time Schedule, and I can work during Holidays. I am willing to
learn things that I'm not experienced in.
.I am interested In Filmmaking ,Film Directing, Production Design, Screenwriting,
Animation/ Design, Storyboard artist, and interested in anything that involves drawing,
sketching or some sort of art.
Lone Star College Cy-Fair (unfinished)