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Location: Rockbridge, OH, USA
School: Hamilton Township
Field of study: N/A


Summary of Qualifications
● A team leader who excels in a fast paced environment while maintaining high performance
standards, multitasking, and solving problems swiftly and efficiently.
● A motivator who brings enthusiasm, dedication, and an exceptional work ethic to any team.
● Instills and exhibits the highest level of interpersonal and analytical skills.
● Effective in communication to efficiently solve problems and clearly address members of a
● Confronted people who are in distress and communicate efficiently to calm any situation and
resolve an issue.
● Provided leadership and guidance to 30 employees to fulfill and oversee the completion of
● Led a team of soldiers in a field environment to effectively accomplish a mission in a swift and
effective way.
Data Entry
● Effectively input data correctly into a military police system with little to no error.
● Investigated law enforcement violations and wrote detailed incident reports and manage the
development of an investigation.
● Ensure books are in their proper place in a hospital setting to ensure a clean environment.
● Ensure and maintain the cleanliness and organization of the unit, and equipment
Employment History
● Lazy Lane Cabins Housekeeper, 2020- Current
● USPS Mail Carrier, 2019-2019
● Pharmacy Technician The James Cancer Hospital, 2018- 2019
● Military Police U.S Army, 2016-2018
● Team Lead Straders Garden Center, 2015-2016
● Assembly Line Lead Cheryl's Cookies, 2014- 2016
● Librarian Hamilton Meadows High School, 2013-2014
● U.S.Army Military Police Training, 2016
● High School Diploma, Columbus OH, 2014