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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Northeastern University
Field of study: Engineering Management



Northeastern University , Boston, USA Jan 2019 -Dec 2020
Master of Science in Engineering Management , GPA: 3.62
Operations r esearch Economic decision making Stat istics methods in e ngg Supply chain engg
YMCA University of Science and Technology , Faridabad, India Aug 2015 -June 2017
Master of Technology in Manufacturing and Automation
Galgotia’s College of Engineering and Technology , Gr. Noida, India Aug 2010 -June 2014
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Statistics : Linear regression , t test, chi square test , hypothesis testing , ANOVA, A/B testing
Tools and Packages: Advanced Excel (VLOOKUP , Macros, Pivot) , Minitab
Database and Language : MySQL, NoSQL, MS SQL Server , Python (pandas, numpy, seaborn, plotly, sklearn and others )
Data visualization : Tableau, Power BI

Wayfair LLC, Boston Jan 2020 - June 2020
Co -Op, Supply Chain Product Data Quality Analyst
 Initiated process to change the shipping logic of product categories using MS SQL , reduced the assembly service offering s by
$2.5 million and generated an additional revenue of $6 .5 million
 Improvised design of ticket ing and internal CD Loader tool by changing interface through automation to save an average time of
12 0 hours per annum and optimize d the support system and presented findings t o higher management
 Analyzed product categories using MS SQL and studied the customer order pattern using python for small size cartons to
minimize shipping cost and made Tableau dashboard s for new costs and KPIs
 Examined and updated unauthorized charged products weekly for small carton products and effectively save d $895K in 6 months
using MS SQL and advanced Excel
 Collaborated with cross -functional teams such as operations, product , supplier , and distributor and successfully improved
carton data health and product quality of 100+ product categories for key data points

Mat India Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Sonipat India Aug 2017 -Nov 2018
Operations Analyst
 Analyzed process parameters (temperature, pressure and viscosity) by python( panda, numpy, matplotlib, scipy) in production
line to minimiz e production wastes by 6%
 Developed dashboards using T ableau for production KPIs and optimized production KPIs through lean tools and hypothesis
 Implemented classification of parts within cells using statistical analysis and built data models using python, tensorflow
 Proposed new installation and automation methods to increase productivity from 6500 units/shift to 7800 units/shift of visual
inspection team by evaluating the process parameters using SQL and advanced excel

Gramin Sahyog Aur Samadhan Kendra (NGO), Ranchi India Aug 2014 – July 2015
Trainee Engineer
 Implemented lean tools JIT a nd Heijunka board to ensure on time del ivery of material on shop floor minimizing inventory by 8%
 Scheduled delivery of finished pro ducts to customer on right time and achieved 95% efficiency using six sigma and lean tools
 Delivered on job trainin g to 40 employees on lean tools, improving the productivity by 35%

 Developed linear regression model for stock pric es to predict future stock prices with 87% accuracy
 Analyzed Poke mon dataset for statistical modelling using python (pandas, numpy, seaborn etc.) to predict traits of next released
pokemon using K Nearest Number with 83% accuracy
 Examined covid 19 dataset for US to develop relationship between frequency of flights and nu mber of cases using python
regression modeling
 Transformed, cleaned , interpreted and analyzed large datasets for sales analysis and forecasting with 82% accuracy using time
series forecasting and integrated moving average method in python