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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Northeastern University
Field of study: Information Systems


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Northeastern University | Boston, MA Aug 2018 - Dec 2020
Master s of Science in Information Systems
Coursework – Advanced Data Science, Data Science Engineering Tools and Methods, Data Management and Database
Design, Data Structures and Algorithms, Web Development, Application Development
Indus University | Ahmedabad, India Aug 2014 - June 2018
Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering
SKILLS Programming Languages : Python, R, JAVA, C
Databases Technologies : MySQL, SQL Server Management Studio
Microsoft Office Tools : Advanced MS Excel (vlookup, VBA) , MS W ord, MS PowerPoint , MS Access
Machine Learning : Classification, Regression, Clustering, Bagging, Boosting, Time Series, PCA , Anomaly Detection
Data Analyt ics : Data Mining, Data Manipulation, Data Wrangling, Data Visualization , Exploratory Data Analysis,
Predictive Analytics , Statistical Modeling , Feature Selection, Cross -validation, Hypothesis testing
Python Libraries : NumPy, Pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, Scikit -learn, keras, Tensorflow , OpenCV , PyOD
Tools : Tableau, Jupyter Notebook, MATLAB, Google Co llaboratory, RStudio, NetBeans , Eclipse
Data Analyst Intern, MaineGeneral Health July 2019 – Dec 2019
 Provided accurate data analysis and forecasts and played an instrumental role in the development of a Database
Management system for a diverse user base by leveraging strong analytical skills and keen technical expertise.
 Performed data wrangling and data aggregation using Pytho n, validated and deduced anomalies in the operations
by 9%
 Modelled reports by tabulating and analyzing data to increase the scalability by 12% and perform ed root cause
analysis by developing regression models on complex data
 Developed Tableau dashboards to interpret key metrics for cost effective solutions across various teams and clients
 Designed the visualization reports to interpret the key metrics, increase the usability by 50% to ease communication
Malaria Cel l Detection ( Python, k eras, 10 -fold Cross Validation, Grid Search)
 Developed a Deep learning classification model on more than 27,000 blood smear slide images to predict whether
the cell is parasitized or uninfected
 Achieved 96.5166% accuracy using 17 layer Convolution, Max -pooling and Data Augmentation with 250 epochs
Brain Tumor Detection (Python, keras, Grid Search, Hyperparameter Optimization)
 Utilized 3D convolutional neural networks to locate and classify Brain Tumors and predict patient survival from 3D
MRI images.
 Achieved 82.352% accuracy using 19 layer Convolution, Max -pooling and Data Augmentation with 300 epochs.
Weather Prediction (Py thon, Logistic Regression, XGBoost, Multivariate Anomaly Detection)
 Designed and built a forecast verification system to support research in the meteorology field focusing on data
assimilation, exploratory data analysis and decision support systems.
 Built plotly interactive dashboards to analyze trends in the atmospheric data and d eveloped a machine learning
pipeline to predict the possibility of extreme weather conditions with an accuracy of 82.378%
Level Up Life Database (MyS QL , SQL Server Management Studio, MS Excel)
 Built a database using MySQL platform for every citizen to keep track of their behavior in the society
 Used var ious database techniques such as normalization, views, triggers, stored procedures and functions to
support various database roles and implemented user authenticity, privileges to give access to the database
depending on the role of the specific user
Eye Clinic Management System ( Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java Swing)
 Developed a Java Swing application using Ecosystem model that would help Eye Clinics to maintain and keep
track of all the records of the patients, doctors, pharmacy, optometrist and optician where different entities in the
system can communicate with each other efficiently and manage the request
 Made use of DB4o database model to store the data and efficiently managed the data complexity
 Effectiveness of Behavioral Interventions on Hypertension Levels Poster Publication - WWCMA
 KPMG Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship
 JP Morgan Chase & Co Software Engineering Virtual Experience