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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: northeastern university
Field of study: Data Analytics Engineering


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Abhishek Shetty
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Northeastern University, Boston, MA Ap r’2021
Candidate of Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering
Clubs : President Husky Speaking Club
Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, India Jun ’2017
Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering
Publications :
Development of Iron Doped Manganese oxide (Mn2 -xFexO3) Catalysts for Soot Oxidation Applications: IJAER Journal

• Languages: Python, R, C++
• Databases: SQL, MongoDB, RDBMS, SSIS, SSAS, NoSQL
• Software/Tools: Jupyter , Git, Tableau, Matlab, Azure, Talend, LINGO, Aspen, AWS, Visual Studio, Anaconda
• Libraries: caret, randomforest, rpart, dplyr, ggplot2, nnet, numPy, pandas, tensorflow, scikit -learn, Seaborn

Global Suicid e Interactive Dashboard , Boston MA Sep ’2020 -Dec’2020
Technology Used: R, Tableau
• Built an interactive dashboard to analyse the global suicide trends.
• Data pre -processing and feature selection was done in R.
IMDB Movie Analysis , Boston MA Sep ’2020 -Dec’2020
Technology Used: Python, SSIS, SSAS, Talend, Tableau
• Designed an analytical system to study the factors which make a movie more successful than others .
• Data was normalised into a warehouse and a dimensional model was designed to support the analysis .
• Dashboards and visualisations were created in Tableau to support the analysis .
M ental Health Survey, Boston MA Jan’2020 -May’2020
Technology Used: R
• Predicted the need for an employee to get Mental Health Treatment in the tech sector using the data from a survey.
• Data pre -processing and feature selection was done before using ML algorithms for prediction.
MBTA Database, Boston MA Jan’2020 -May’2020
Technology Used: SQL, Tableau, Github
• Designed and developed a relational database for all the transit services offered by MBTA to provide a single source
of repository for creating user interfaces/mobile apps .
Future Annual Rainfall Prediction in India, Boston MA Sep ’2019 -Dec’2019
Technology Used: Python, R
• Predicted the future annual rainfall in different states and union territories in India using statistical modelling
techniques (linear and logistic regression) with a model accuracy of 80%.

Anchor Refractories Pvt Ltd Mumbai, India
Junior Engineer Jul’2017 -Jul’2019
• Corresponded with the purchase department of different (Steel, Energy etc.) industries to consult them on their
maintenance/ new projects.
• Managed teams to execute project s for clients .
• Wo rked with different departments to enable informative business operation functions .
• Helped increase the company turn -over by 8% for 2018 by bringing in new clients.
Rashtriya Chemical Fertilizer Ltd Mumbai, India
Chemical Engineering Intern Jun’2015 -Jul’201 5
• Trained with the process control engineers and got hands on experience of the working of the plant.
• Worked in the process control room of the Ammonia -V plant.