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Location: Julian, CA, USA
School: UCLA
Major: Integrative Biology and Physiology


3531 Deer Lake Park Rd ◆ PO Box 351 ◆ Julian, CA 92036

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I'm interested using technology to enable the decentralization of communities and the regeneration of ecosystems.

# Experience

**May 2018 - Present**

Remote - *Software Engineer*

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*The Company* → The biggest chess platform around (as well as one of the most-trafficked sites period).

*General* → I was the lead architect on the site's Chess Analysis front end, helped re-engineer the chessboard used sitewide from scratch for better performance and ease of development, and helped create an integration testing system that can adapt to multiple testing frameworks.

*Highlights* → I designed and built an internal event-driven framework (nicknamed Cob in homage to the natural building technique) that decouples an app's logic + data sources from the UI presentation (i.e. it allows the use of Vue, Svelte, pure JS, or whatever else, depending on what already exists or is appropriate).

*The Rest* → Currently part of the team working to create the new Vs Computer feature, which allows users to play against AI bots that have personalities.

*Primary Technologies* → **JS** [Typescript - Vue - Svelte - Cypress] | **PHP**


**November 2017 - March 2020**

Remote / Part Time - *Freelance Software Engineer*

## Jenzy

*The Company* → Sizing and e-commerce platform for kids' shoes.

*General* → I built a Shopify website, got my feet wet with React Native and GraphQL helping the mobile team build the e-commerce side of the app, and created multiple custom Shopify apps to manage the store's features that Shopify didn't provide out of the box.

*Highlights* → I created a serverless API handling Shopify's webhooks, enabling automatic tagging of products according to custom rules set by the product team, which allowed multiple levels of filtering on products.

*Primary Technologies* → **JS** [Node - React Native - Vue] | **Liquid**


**March 2016 - May 2018**

Portland, OR / Remote - *Full Stack Software Engineer*

## Culture Foundry

*The Company* → Digital agency that spans quite a bit of technical ground. It's where I cut my teeth in the web dev world.

G*eneral* → I contributed to all phases of the build process for websites and applications in a variety of technologies, utilizing Rails, Vue, the MODx CMS, and quite a bit more.

*Highlights* → I built + architected a custom mobile app development platform for
Scientific Games, consisting of a cross platform mobile app scaffold
(Ionic/Angular), bespoke CMS (Vue + Rails), API (Rails) to provide dynamic app data, and
shell script automating the app build process.

*The Rest* → I was a major contributor (and maintainer) on builds for the New York Racing
Association (, the Belmont Stakes (, Trimble
Geospatial (

*Primary Technologies* → **Ruby** [Rails] | **JS** [Vue - Ionic - Angular] | **CMS** [MODx - Wordpress - Drupal] | **Go** | **PHP**

# Projects

**May 2018 - October 2019**


## The Compost

*The Project* → I built, designed, and wrote this weekly publication breaking down current events related to the environment — the goal was to help people understand what's going, why it matters, and how they can help. I eventually stopped writing it after getting worn down by the stream of bad news, and shifted focus towards taking concrete action in my own life through permaculture, homesteading, natural building, etc.

*The Tech* → The site was powered by a Laravel backend, with newsletters handled by Sendy and self-hosted analytics through Matomo. The frontend was built with Nuxt.js, consuming a GraphQL API.

## In Addition

I've done a number of smaller design + development projects centered around the Jamstack, using Netlify CMS and Forestry to house the content and Gridsome or Nuxt to create the site.

*Examples* → []( | []( | [](


# Education

*2009 - 2013*

**UCLA -** ***Integrative Biology and Physiology, B.S.*


*August 2015 - December 2015*

**Epicodus -** *Immersive program teaching web app development and programming*


*August 2019 - December 2019*

**Permaculture Design Course -** *About and For Sustainability*


*September 2019 - November 2019*

**Water Harvesting Certification Course -** *San Diego Sustainable Living Institute*

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