Python Developer
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Location: Burbank, CA, USA
School: California State University Long Beach
Field of Study: Biomedical Engineering (EE)

Python Developer

Software Engineer / Data Scientist / Software Engineer in Machine Learning Burbank, CA •

California State University Long Beach ​| B​ .S., Biomedical Engineering​ 3​ .21/4.00 ​September 2018 – Present Relevant Coursework: C​ oncepts of Probability and Statistics, Biomedical Digital Signals, Processing and Systems,
Bioinformatics, Algorithm and Data Structures, and Machine Learning in Python and MATLAB
Pasadena City College ​August 2015 – May 2018 Relevant Coursework: ​Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Physics: Mechanics & Fluids
Coursera IBM Data Science Professional Certificate ​February 2021

California State University Long Beach |​ ​Machine Learning Research Assistant ​January 2021 – Present
● Built an unsupervised machine learning classification model to classify between Parkinson’s diseases in
patients using K-Nearest Neighbors algorithms
● Helped designed 35+ datasets for human gait from scratch by engineering web crawlers to leverage
third-party APIs for time series spatial walking data, focusing for flexibility in future gender
classification machine learning research
● Designed 10+ original Jupyter notebooks for machine learning course laboratories for 25 students to
facilitate learning, based on textbook materials, course materials, and external datasets
Morinaga America |​ ​Data Intern ​February 2019 - May 2019
● Analyzed regional sales time series data for products like Hichew within the IT department, focusing on data visualization and linear regression to drive business insights, producing 5 analytics reports
Gilead Sciences​ | ​Translator & Lab Assistant September 2017 – September 2018
● Facilitated communication of pharmaceutical research cross-department and with partnering
companies with branches in the United States and Japan for 20 people
● Conducted quality assurance of laboratory processes for Ambisome medicine, assisting in the
formulation and measuring of 1 new chemical solution per week in a team environment
● Exercised and communicated proper laboratory procedures by writing clear and accessible
documentation of equipment, protocols, and instructions, creating 50+ documents

● Honed machine learning algorithms independently through self-study and researching public datasets to use for processing data, analysis, and machine learning inference in Python
● Analyzed self-collected ECG, SPG, and PPG (heart rate) biometric data to practice signal processing algorithms to filter (low-pass, high-pass) to standardize for accuracy
Private Tutor:​ Tutored international middle school students and university students in all school subjects, breaking down complex ideas into digestible concepts from English to Japanese
Programming & Engineering:​ Actively seeking self-improvement of skills, self-teaching Python and SQL Videography:​ Casualvideographerandphotographerofurbansettings,events,andtrips

ProgrammingLanguages:P​ ython(e.g.Scikit-learn,NumPy,Pandas,Matplotlib),SQL,MATLAB,Java Machine Learning & Data Science: ​A/B testing, ETL data pipelines, machine learning algorithms, descriptive
statistics, hypothesis testing, data mining, data visualization
Software Engineering:​ Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Networking, API Design,
Web Crawling/Web Scraping, Git Version Control