Physics teacher
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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
School: Clark Atlanta university
Field of Study: physics

Physics teacher

Atlanta, Georgia 30328 Strong communication skills; Can-do attitude; Organized; Detail-oriented; Results-driven; Ability to learn new concepts quickly; Dedicated focus on immediate initiatives and overall objectives; Independent, yet team player.
MS in Physics
BA in Philosophy, BS in Physics MERCER UNIVERSITY
GPA: Cumulative 3.2; Major 3.4
Study Abroad:
3.8-equivalent average
Work Experience:
• Unix/Lanex • FORTRAN • Maple
• Scratch • Spartan • Java
May 2005 Atlanta, Georgia
May 2001 Macon, Georgia
September 98 - June 1999
Oxford, England
• Matlab
• C/C++
Fall 2018-July 2020
Shanghai Wenqi Crosspoint High School
Advisor to the superintendent and Teacher (math, physics, and English)
•Consult with the superintendent to determine educational goals and development growth plans.
•Monitored student's classroom progress to better model learning pedagogues. •Organized and implemented ESL based Algebra 2, physics, advance ESL, and English classes to better understand the students’ needs and abilities
•Advised the principals on daily operational procedures and longterm goals. •Advised academic directors on short-term and long-term goals
Shanghai Guanghua School Fall 2015 – July 2018 Physics Teacher, Wasatch Academy representative, and Technology teacher •Wrote and helped revise department policies and procedures
•Worked closely with Heads of Departments to implement a High School curriculum best suited for ESL students.
•Created protocols to better prepare ESL students for University challenges through one on one and group tutorials and evaluations
•Developed and executed curriculum for Physics, AP Physics C, Computer programming, Technology classes, and Physical Science.
•Assisted in hiring new faculty and evaluating current faculty
•Established protocol communication between Wasatch Academy and Guanghua School.
•Created committees on how to improve curriculum and assess students for grades 10-12.
•Assisted in evaluating new students for admission into Guanghua-Wasatch program •Reorganized department office space to increase productivity in cross-curriculum projects and between subject teachers.
•Organized and executed The Science Fair completion for Wasatch Academy students and the British program students in Physics and Chemistry.
Kunshan no. 1 Middle School Dec 2013 – July 2015 Physics Teacher
• Developed and implemented curriculum for Physics
• Work closely with the Academic director to create a dynamic and versatile high school curriculum for ESL students.
•Organized Project exhibitions to enhance the student’s critical thinking
•Planned fieldtrips and student exhibitions
•Improved faculty performance by working closely with teachers and administrators.
Cummberland Academy Fall 2011 – Dec 2013 Math/Science Teacher
• Developed curriculum for Geometry, Algebra I & II, Pre-Calculus, Forensic Science and Physical science adopted for 8-12 grades
•Planned lectures, Project Based Learning, Problem based learning, written assessments, and oral assessments.
•Organized fieldtrips and assemblies to enhance the student’s understanding of science and mathematic topics.
•Collaborated with other subject teacher to create a cross curriculum activities and lessons. •Advised students on independent projects in order to develop their understanding of science and mathematics.
•Founded and supervised Robotics club, which included competitions, and public demonstration to increase the communities awareness of science and mathematics. •Organized, distributed, and implemented multi-platform and interactive grade book to better communicate with parents and students.
Georgia Perimeter College Spring 2005 – Dec 2013 Physics and Astronomy Instructor
• Developed and designed syllabi for physics courses
• Planned lectures and labs for physics I and II calculus/algebra based, and Astronomy • Created test, quizzes, learning activities and problems.
•Collaborated on committees to improve assessment test
•Advised Leaning Center tutors on Physics/Astronomy teaching methods •Collaborated on committees to choose new text books for Physics/Astronomy •Developed new Laboratory experiments in Physics
Spelman University Fall 2005 - Dec 2010 Laboratory Instructor
• Designed syllabi and experiments.
•Instructed students in physics and equipment handling and Instructed Labs for physics •Conducted recitation for students in physics
Alpharetta High School Fall 2007 – Spring 2008
● Developed innovative curriculum to instruct individual students, small groups, and classes of 20-30 students
● Used unconventional methods and resources to educate students in mathematics and physics
● Review numerous classroom assessment methods and techniques- adopted effective tools that were compliant with the school board.
● Recognized the need for appropriate pacing and delay time ensure all students understanding
● Cultivating parent involvement through consistent written and verbal communication, inviting classroom participation
● Maintained productive learning environment by stating classroom rules, holding students accountable for their actions, and implementing consistent fair consequences

Teacher Assistant Summer, 2002 and 2003
•Managed eight-week college preparatory Pre-Season Program for incoming Clark Atlanta University freshmen
•Designed and distributed supplemental materials •Developed original testing materials and learning resources •Led current event discussion sessions with 80 students
Lab Instructor
•Planned syllabi
•Coordinated and executed weekly hands-on experiments
•Research, wrote, and co-designed weekly web based experiments for a physical science course
Research Assistant/Graduate student
• Studied Fractional Quantum Hall Effect using Hypernetted chain Method
• Assisted on research for molecular structure studies using NAMD and VMD • Investigated data streams in order to implement theoretical ideas
• Manipulated data and equations to solve original problems
• Experimented with various computer programming languages
• Hypothesized new ideas in order to solve an existing problem
• Developed strong communication skills
• Managed multiple tasks in a demanding environment
Teacher Assistant Summer, 2001
•Instructed six-week Center for Theoretical Studies and Physical Science (CTSPS) Outreach Program
•Developed lesson plans
•Illustrated weekly lesson plan objective with laboratory experiments
UNDERGRADUATE FOUNDER/PRESIDENT, Fall 99-Spring01 EXPERIENCE: Society of Physics Students Macon, Georgia
• Organized and chaired the most active local Society of Physics Students chapter in recent University history
• Designed chapter trips to enhance understanding of physics
• Conceptualized and coordinated bi-annual fundraisers
• Coordinated community projects to increase the awareness of applied physics
ACHIEVEMENTS: • Awarded a certificate for Leadership in Physics at Mercer University
• Presented a paper on Fusion and Magnetic mirrors at Mercer University
• Assisted on “Moment problem quantization within a generalized Scalet-Wigner (auto-scaling) transform representation” J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 36 (2003) 1623- 1642.
REFERENCES: Available upon request.

Physics teacher, Math teacher, Curriculum coordinator