Nianyi Wang resume
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
School: Northeastern University
Field of Study: Project Management

Nianyi Wang resume


Northeastern University Boston, MA
Master of Science in Project Management Jun.2019- Now
GPA: 3.66/ 4.0
• Relevant Coursework: Project Management Practices; Schedule and Cost Planning; Project Business Analysis; Project Finance.
XI’ AN Technology University Xi’ An, China
Bachelor of Economics in International Economic and Trade Direction Sep.2013 - Jul.2017
GPA: 3.7 / 4.0
• Relevant Coursework: International Finance; International Trade Practices; Marketing; Statistics; Accounting; Econometrics.

Boston 2015-2019 Crime data analysis
• Used Tableau to visually analyze the crime data of Boston from 2015 to 2019, counted the crime situation in different areas and streets, combined with GIS to study the relationship between police stations, police force distribution and the number of crimes, and constructed a time series model to carry out the crime and crime types of Boston. Anticipated, analyzed crimes, and made recommendations on public security.
Northeastern University Virtual PMO Services risk management
• Made a very detailed project charter, providing a comprehensive PJM template for related professionals on the NEU campus, establishing a convenient PM database for NUPM, making it easier for alumni to find or contribute their own data templates,and building closer ties with the majors and staff. Divided the project into different stages and identified risks for each stage. Determined the level of risk, categorized and ranked risks in an agile environment. Managed and explained known negative risks to mitigate their impact, such as project delays.

Northeastern University Boston, MA Volunteer Science Assistant, Lazer Lab marketing April.2020 - Now

• Supported manager to redesigned and improved the official website announcement of Gallup’s Boomtown Project with more details and more organized design.
• Planned and executed of communications and media actions on all channels, including online and social media. Designed and implemented direct email marketing campaigns. Identified target audience and grew the email list. Oversaw new and ongoing marketing and advertising activities.
• Built up one-to-one community with customers and potential customers by using an online forum, launching an ambassador program, created an event series and writing emails newsletter.
• Provided support for customers on a wide range of company products, resolving issues. Empathized and professionally established a strong and trusting relationship with customers through slack and email, recorded customer interactions and comments, and provided solutions according to different needs of customers to ensure customers support. Responded to comments and customer queries in a timely manner.
• Identified training needs by evaluating strengths and weaknesses. Translate requirements into trainings. Built training program and prepared guiding plans.
Marketing Ambassador, Network Science Institute
Sep.2019 - Dec.2019
• Set up a team of survey participants, established close one-to-one contact with the team members, and quickly gathered enough people to participate in the project when new questionnaires appear; created a promotion plan for the new project and expand the publicity and participation of the project.
• Contributed in the implementation of marketing strategies. Supported the marketing manager in overseeing the department’s operations. Organized and attended marketing activities or events to raise brand awareness.

China Unicom Beijing, China
Marketing Manager Assistant, Marketing Department Jul.2015 - Dec.2016
• Trained on the main businesses of China Unicom as well as composition of the products’ cost and revenue. Utilized product profit and loss testing model to predict potential revenue of China Unicom’s telecommunication suite products
• Assisted in allocating marketing resources according to specific product and consuming group to guarantee the product’s profitability during its life cycle.Helped carry out customized marketing plan of 5 universities based on comprehensive research and analysis as well as the suitable allocation of marketing resources


Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese
Technical Skills: MS Office, MS Project, Tableau (Perform visual analysis), Google analysis