Michael Salerno
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Location: Township of Washington, NJ, USA
School: University of Vermont
Field of Study: Forestry

Michael Salerno

Michael Salerno


University of Vermont (UVM)

Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Westwood Regional High School: GPA: 3.4

Related Coursework

Dendrology, UVM

Studied different tree species to better understand their impact on the environment.

Learned over 100 different tree species by Latin name, Latin family, and common name.

Natural History and Human Ecology, UVM

Analyzed the relationship between the natural landscapes and society and inversely.

Learned plant and tree identification tests and labs, stream pathology and water testing labs, soil composition and acidity testing.

Intro to Botany, UVM

Studied structure, function, and reproduction of plants.

Studied fundamental aspects of plant science and implications of botanical knowledge which is applied to plant science.


Internship at the American Museum of Natural History,

Former Employer- Margaret G. Arnold- Phone- ------------, Email- ------------ 9th, 2018- April 9th, 2019

Interning at in the department of herpetology.

I tested and maintained the ethanol levels within the vats the animals were preserved in.

I maintain the collection by re-boxing and recording the older specimen in the collection.

Worked with Excel in order to file data.

Internship at The University of Minnesota, Duluth,

Employer- Ross Salerno- Phone- ------------, Email- ------------ June 26th, 2016- July 7th, 2016

Worked and Backpacked in the field in Northern Minnesota Collecting Schist and Granite rock samples.

Used GPS, Compasses, and maps to find geological locations.

Photographed and recorded locations in notes.

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fisherman, June 21st, 2020 - July 26th, 2020, Employer Jeff Vervoort ------------, Email- ------------

Used navigation tools on the open water, and learned how to maintain a 32 foot boat.

Learned how to live and adapt while confined to small groups in a small location.


Familiar with GPS, navigation systems, and research equipment.

Familiar with Microsoft Technology


Outdoors community, Woodsmen team, Outing club, Ski and Snowboard Club, UVM- 2019- Present.

Varsity Lacrosse, Westwood Regional Jr/ Sr High School.2017-2019

Art Club, Ski and Snowboard Club, Debate Team, Environmental Club 2015-2019