Michael Corbi Resume
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Location: Annapolis, MD, USA
School: Villanova University
Field of study: Biomedical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Psychology

Michael Corbi Resume

<p><b><b>Michael T. Corbi</p><p>------------ | ------------ | Annapolis, MD |</p><p><b><b>EDUCATION</p><p><b>Villanova University, Villanova, PA<b><b><b><b><b> Expected: December 2021</p><p>Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering</p><p>Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Psychology on Pre-Med Track, Minors: Biomedical Engineering</p><p>GPA: 3.09</p><p><b>Mount Saint Joseph High School, Baltimore, MD June 2018</p><p>Cumulative GPA: 4.27</p><p>Extra Curriculars:</p><p>Italian Foreign Language Honor Society</p><p>Architecture, Construction, Engineering Club</p><p></p><p><b><b>ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE</p><p><b>Bell’s Palsy Demonstration Device<b><b><b><b><b> August 2019 - December 2019</p><p>Assigned a customer who we interviewed and compiled needs and specs</p><p>Learned through hands on experience of the engineering design process</p><p>Designed a unique prototype within given specifications and presented device to customer</p><p><b>Store’n’Step<b> - Villanova Engineering Interdisciplinary Projects August 2018 - November 2018</p><p>Collaborated in a team to design a solution to everyday life for Villanova students</p><p>Designed and put together final prototype and present our solution</p><p>Named Top 3 Projects</p><p><b>Biomedical Signal Analysis - Villanova Engineering November 2018 - January 2019</p><p>Introduced as a team of four to engineering solutions from sensor design to signal analysis for the monitoring of electrical, mechanical and acoustic activities in the human body, primarily the heart in this project</p><p><b>Undergraduate Research Assistant - Villan<b>ova University Summer 2019</p><p>Part of a team studying the flow physics underlying complex biological locomotion</p><p>Worked on AutoDesk Maya mapping flight paths of Hawkmoths</p><p><b>Undergraduate Research Assistant - Villanova University<b><b><b><b><b> Spring 2020</p><p>Worked on a team to simulate collisions using a brain designed and built in lab</p><p>Constructed a machine designed to exactly match the contact of a high speed collision</p><p><b><b>TECHNICAL SKILLS</p><p><b><b>Proficient in:</p><p><b>Microsoft Office, MATLAB, Maple, Solidworks, Autodesk Maya and LabScribe</p><p><b>WORK EXPERIENCE</p><p><b>Adam’s Bar and Grille, Severna Park, MD March 2018 - June 2018</p><p>Dishwasher/ Busser/ Middle Prep/ Line Cook</p><p><b>Hella’s Restaurant and Lounge, Millersville, MD December 2016 - August 2017</p><p>Food Runner </p><p><b><b>LEADERSHIP/VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES</p><p><b><b>Villanova University</p><p>Villanova Football Team</p><p><b>Italian Culture Club</p>