Luxury Brand Ambassador & Producer
Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Shepherd University
Major: Sociology

Luxury Brand Ambassador & Producer

Eye-5 Brand Ambassador Company
Brand Ambassador/Caterer – New York, NY:

• Engaging in a personable and professional manner to produce a warm and welcoming atmosphere to
• Catering in major events with luxury brands throughout NYC.
• Interacting with customers and guest while effectively promoting brands.

Matrix Model Staffing
Brand Ambassador – New York, NY:

• Administering professional and charismatic entertainment to guest.
• Serving food & drinks to party guest throughout multiple luxurious events.
• Managing staff & inventory to guarantee smooth and proficient service for the client.

Tiffany & Co.
Brand Ambassador/ Doorman – New York, NY:

• Providing upscale and premium customer service to clients and tourists.
• Regulating store traffic as well as navigating customers to particular floors and departments
according to inquiries.
• Assisting security by monitoring the floors for potential suspicious activity.

Trainer/ Court Monitor – New York, NY:

• Implemented fundamental basketball workouts for those seeking to enhance themselves.
• Assisted other trainers and trainees as a rebounder, timer, passer, weight spotter, and etc.
• Supervised the basketball Gymnasium.

Sedona Slate (The JBG Companies)
Leasing Consultant/ Concierge – Arlington, VA:

• Consulted with clients in regards to leasing apartments.
• Gave attentive and congenial service to the residential community.
• Configured accounts and charges throughout several database applications.

Customer Service