Lingna Li
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Location: Seattle, WA, USA
School: Northeastern University
Field of Study: Computer Science

Lingna Li

Lingna Li
E-mail: ------------| Location: Great Seattle Area, WA | Tel: ------------
Seeking a software engineer internship/CO-OP position for Spring / Summer / Fall 2021.
Master’s degree candidate with strong programming, analytic and designing skills. Has a wide range of project experience in various fields (full-stack, machine learning and mobile application). Strong knowledge and programming skills in Java, JavaScript and SQL and familiar with popular frameworks (Java Spring, ReactJS, etc.).
Northeastern University, Seattle, WA Aug. 2019 – May. 2022(Anticipate) Master of Science in Computer Science GPA: 4.0 Core Courses: Object-Oriented Design (Java), Algorithms, Discrete and Data Structures, Computer Systems, Building Scalable Distributed Systems, Database Management Systems
Technical Skills
Programming Language: Java, JavaScript, Python, C, HTML, CSS, SQL
Framework and Technique: Spring, Hibernate, Node.js, ReactJS, Bootstrap, AJAX, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, Android, Git
Selected Projects
Job+: AWS based Web Service Development- Job Search Engine and Recommendation
Implemented an interactive web page for users to search and apply positions, and provide personalized position recommendation based on search history and favorite records
l Performed front-end web UI design and implementation using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX.
l Created three Java servlets with RESTful APIs to handle HTTP requests and responses.
l Retrieved job descriptions using GitHub API and extract keywords from descriptions with MonkeyLearn API. l Used MySQL database on Amazon RDS to store position data.
l Designed algorithms (e.g. content-based recommendation) to implement job recommendation.
l Deployed to Amazon EC2 for more visibility.
Hermes: a Spring and Hibernate based Shopping and Ordering system
Used Spring framework to build a web application for users to shop and order items online.
l Built a web application based on Spring MVC to support item searching and listing (dependency injection, inversion of control, REST API etc.).
l Implemented the security workflow via in-memory and JDBC authentication provided by Spring Security. l Utilized Hibernate to provide a better support of database operations.
l Developed a Spring Web Flow to support item ordering.
MovieReviewer: a Personalized Web Application for movie lovers
Developed a dynamic full stack web application for movie lovers to register accounts, review movies, post reviews and comments, and edit previous submissions.
l Enhanced the user experience of the website and styled the layout with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQuery. l Implemented and tested RESTful APIs to handle HTTP requests and responses.
l Designed and implemented MongoDB infrastructure to store comments/reviews and relevant information associated with users and films.
l Applied Passport.js to manage user authentication and authorization.
l Deployed the web application using Node.js with Express and MongoDB Atlas on Heroku.
Starlink: ReactJS based Starlink Trajectory Visualization
Realized a visualization dashboard for users to track satellites in real-time based on geo-location.
l Utilized ReactJS and D3 to produce dynamic, interactive data visualizations for locating satellites. l Built location, altitude, and duration-based selector to refine satellite search.
l Animated selected satellite paths on a world map using D3 to improve the user friendness.
l Deployed the dashboard to Amazon Web Service (AWS) for demonstration.
Tinnews: a Tinder-like News App
Created an Android App for users to search news and mark their favorites in a Tinder-like way
l Designed the Instagram Flavor News app based on Google Component Architectural MVVM Pattern. l Implemented the bottom bar & page navigation using JetPack navigation component.
l Utilized Mindorks’s PlaceHolderView to support swipe gestures for liking/disliking the news.
l Built the Room Database with LiveData and ViewModel to support local cache and offline model.
l Integrated Retrofit and Rxjava to pull the latest news data from a RESTFUL endpoint (

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